How to Make a Natural Looking Bow

Ever want to make a magnificent bow that is effective but not composite? Well this article will help you to do that. It may seem hard, but making a bow is easy.


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    Find a branch of maple or fir or some springy wood that has a curve sort of like a half of an oval. If possible, find a branch that is roughly 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch thick.
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    Cut, or break the branch. It should be close to the height of your lips. This will make the bow able to withstand your drawback strength.
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    Now we must dry it.
    • To dry the branch out if it already has the shape you want it in, just strip the bark off of it and lay it by a fire and keep the fire going for about 3 hours minimum and then leave it in a cool dry place for a night.
    • If you have a branch the right length but wrong shape, you must make a mold. Not one that goes around the branch but one that the branch rests on. Make sure that the mold is about the same shape as half an oval. Then strip the bark off the branch and lay it by the fire on the mold and after thirty minutes, put clamps on the middle, left, and right sides of the bow, but don't clamp down fully. After every hour or so, tighten the clamps about a 1/2 an inch. After the branch is the same shape as the mold, take the mold WITH the branch STILL ATTACHED!! If you take the branch off, it won't keep the shape. Take them both into a garage or some place dry and away from heat. Leave the branch there in the mold for a night.
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    After molding and hardening the wood, we have to notch it. Take one end of the bow and point the rounded part away from you as if you were about to shoot. Then measure one inch down from the top and mark it with a line all the way around at one inch. Then, on each side, make a small notch big enough to let the bow string fit in snugly. Make sure to make the two notches on the one inch marks. Do step number 4 over again on the bottom end of the bow.
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    We're almost done! Now we must string it. First, you must find a strong string like nylon. Or, like the Romans and the Indians, you can make yours out of horsehair or sinew (a tendon). Whatever you do, just make sure it is strong.
    • To string your bow, bend it slightly and wrap the string once or twice in the notches and then tie a knot. Whatever knot you use, make sure it is tight. Now do the same for the bottom end, but before you wrap the string, make sure the string is tight, then wrap and tie.


  • Make more than one if possible, every advancing one most likely will be better.
  • Don't use rotten or partially rotted wood.
  • Don't keep the string tight on the bow unless you are using it.
  • Remove the string if staining or waxing the bow to prevent it from becoming weak.
  • Don't use cracked wood.
  • Don't fire the bow without an arrow in it, it could destroy the bow!
  • Wear gloves to keep your hands from getting hurt.


  • Bows are dangerous and can harm, or even kill. Never point it at some one with an arrow ready to shoot.
  • The string may cut you when you fire, depending on the strength of the bow.

Things You'll Need

  • Branch
  • Clamps
  • Strong string
  • Knife or saw
  • Mold
  • Fire
  • And your brain and arms!

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