How to Make a Mustache

Ever wondered if you could make a mustache so real looking that you could fool anyone? Although this title suggests a mustache and facial hair the instructions could apply to any body part you like. For example, hairy chest, armpits, or even fake a big hairy mole.


  1. 1
    Use your own hair. For a realistic look, there is nothing better than to trim your own hair. The mustache must match your own hair's color, thickness, shine, and texture.
    • Ask another person to let you trim some of their hair if you're unable to get enough of your own hair or if it is too short.
    • Substitute with horse or synthetic hair if you're unable to find a suitable looking hair.
  2. 2
    Cut and shape some fine thin screen mesh or pantyhose the way you want your facial hair style to look. Pantyhose with a similar color tone as your skin works best. Other good materials are:
    • Cheesecloth (dyed or makeup foundation that matches your skin)
    • Nylon mesh or exfoliating bath scrub
    • Non-Abrasive/metallic window screen or mosquito net
  3. 3
    Use a vacuum to draw and pass the hair through the fine mesh.
  4. 4
    Allow enough volume and length of hair evenly so there are no bold or short patches. Leaving longer hair than what you need gives you the freedom to later trim and style for a better look.
  5. 5
    Cut off the hair from the donor's tips, if you have not already done so, leaving about 12 inch (1.3 cm) (12mm) or less.
  6. 6
    Use a small amount of glue or double sided adhesive tape to secure the hair and the mesh to the non-adhesive side of a band-aid.
  7. 7
    Apply and adjust the mustache to your face. Make sure that all sides are straight and even on all sides. For a neat and attractive look, symmetry plays a big role.
  8. 8
    Make and apply other feature pieces like: A goatee, sideburns, fine neckline beard, etc.
  9. 9
    Trim with scissors or a hair-clip once you are satisfied with the symmetry and style.

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