How to Make a Multipurpose Hand Tool

Have an old Black Decker (BD) electric drill? Have an extra chuck, those that have a threaded stem to attach it to the drill body? If so, you're in luck because you can have a sturdy, reliable hand tool to do quite a lot of different jobs, almost like a Swiss pocket knife. This article will show you how to turn it into a multipurpose hand tool.


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    Take a look at the drill. You can see the chuck key to the right of the drill. The key has the most important role throughout this process. Remember to save the chuck and key of any electric drill that has died before throwing it away. Keep an eye out for drills with chucks that others have tossed away too.
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    Hold your BD drill in your left hand with the chuck key inserted horizontally to your right. This is the right of the drill, as it is shown in the photo.
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    Get a hammer and give the key a short but sharp downward blow. When you get the knack, you can do it with the ball of your right hand.
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    After the blow, the chuck comes loose and you can unscrew it.
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    Take the chuck with you to the hardware store or wherever you can find a threaded bakelite ball. This ball is used in the handle tips of levers in gardening, farming, etc.
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      Check that the ball threads in properly. Hold the Hand Tool with the key inserted for an easier and safer job when securing the ball in place.
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    Try these multipurpose tool additions:
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      Now the Hand Tool is a screwdriver that fits in your palm.
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      You can even attach a metal saw or a part of it. You can fit a small saw blade for little wood or plaster jobs.
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      Now a metal drilling bit has been attached. This comes in handy when hand drilling inside a wooden cabinet.
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      With an allen bit (key) you can do the first approaching turns with the screws of a piece of furniture bought in kit. Judge if you finish the tightening with a proper allen key for a stronger leverage. Good for your wrist, perhaps.
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    Use the multipurpose tool to help you hide bolts inside the thick planks of wood of some project you're working on.
    • Make the holes that fit the screws, then enlarge them with this bit about 1 cm (1/2") deep.
    • Put the screws fixed tight in and cover the big holes with little pegs of the same wood. This finishing looks quite professional.


  • Be careful don't pinch your hand with the pinions of the chuck.
  • Be careful not to ruin your drill. In doubt, if interested try to get a spare chuck and key.

Things You'll Need

  • Black and Decker drill
  • Hammer
  • Bakelite ball
  • Bits for attaching such as a saw, allen key, etc.

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