How to Make a Movie Marathon Birthday Party

Stuck on ideas for a birthday party? Have a movie marathon party! It's cheap and easy to set up! Follow this guide on how to do just that.


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    Find a movie series. There's really no point in watching a bunch or random films together! Choose a film series like Batman, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, X-men, Spiderman, Superman and Harry Potter. You can also choose a bunch of films from a certain director like Steven Spielberg, Alfred Hitchcock, Ridley Scott or Tim Burton. You could also choose a specific genre of movies to watch as well
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    Invite people. Send out colorful invites to get them excited about the film.
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    Plan the marathon. Schedule toilet breaks and when each film will finish and start.
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    Make snacks. No one wants to go hungry while watching a film. Lay out drinks such as Cola or Pepsi and snacks like crisps and popcorn. Set out a snack table somewhere in your house so people can walk to get a beverage of their choice.
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    Finally, enjoy the movies! Make sure your guests are happy with their visit and have an exciting time!


  • When making snacks, guests will find them more interesting if they are related to the film. For example, if you are watching Batman films, make some batman cookies! If you are watching the Harry Potter series, brew up some Butterbeer!
  • When choosing a film series, make sure it doesn't go on for too long depending on the age group your showing the films too. Also make sure the films are appropriate for the age group.
  • To make the experience more exciting, lay out some bean bags on the floor so if guests get tired, they can always lie down on them. You can also purchase a pack of two wall mount speakers for £3.99 ( around $6.25) and create your very own home theater system.


  • If guests feel tired or they want to go home, let them! You can persuade them to stay but, it is best to let them go home
  • Make sure your film isn't too scary or vulgar for young ages as they may find the film disturbing.
  • If the film runs into the night, merge a sleepover into the movie marathon and you can watch the remaining films in the morning. A good way to plan the sleepover is that some cushions and blankets are near the TV or in the living room so guests can fall asleep anytime they want

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