How to Make a Moss Shower Mat

Bring the outdoors inside your bathroom with this realistic and fun moss-covered showered mat. Your feet will thank you when you get out of the shower in the morning when you step on this super soft, luxurious mat.


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    Determine the size/shape of your mat. The size is up to you--as large or as small as the space allows.
    • If using foam, be sure you use two layers.
    • Avoid using bamboo or wood as they produce mold/mildew.
    • When determining the mat shape, consider how several cutouts will work for the moss to create the shape. Any edge shaping will be done with the foam, but moss cutouts will be on the top layer.
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    Trace shapes of onto foam using a marker or grease pencil. Use stencils or free hand shape this portion.
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    Cut shapes using the craft knife and be sure you cut through the thickness. Use as many pieces as you need to cover the mat with moss.
    • Cut in small sections (rather than big ones) to prevent excessive growth.
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    Seal the mat using the silicone caulk in order to create a water-tight environment.
    • Apply the adhesive underneath the top layer of the cutouts, making sure each section and the edge of the mat are completely sealed.
    • Press top layer to the bottom layer. Clean up any excess that may ooze out of the sides.
    • Weigh down with books until adhesive dries.
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    Prepare the mat to receive the moss. Mist the top with water and then add your moss. Insert moss into each cutout until moss covers the mat.
    • Keep spray bottle nearby in the bathroom and consider misting the moss everyday to keep it healthy.

=Things You’ll Need

  • Substrate for the moss approx.. 2.54cm/1” thick (high density foam works well)
  • Craft knife
  • Silicone sealer (such as caulk or cement)
  • Poster board or cardstock (for stencils)
  • Marker or grease pencil
  • Spray bottle with water
  • Moss (any kind)


  • The kind of moss you use will determine how much water will be needed to keep it healthy.

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