How to Make a Miss La Sen Mask

Miss La Sen is a fictional character in the Sorim Story board game, "Hi La Sen- Hi Nice Life” song, Miss La Sen cartoon and the “Story at Sorim town” comic book. Her cartoon appearance is simplistic and childish, so it is easy to emulate in a basic mask. Read on from step one below to make just such a mask.


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    Download the Miss La Sen Pattern and print it out in A3 paper.
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    Cut out templates and trace onto foam with pen. Cut out the head.
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    Draw the eye holes onto the piece of foam. Cut out these two big holes.
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    Cut out the flower, headband, and bow.
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    Glue the bow onto the headband.
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    Use the glue gun to glue the flower onto the right ear.
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    Glue two pink cheeks onto the face to complete the mask.
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    Make two small holes either side to insert the elastic through. Thread the elastic through the small holes to wear.
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Things You'll Need

  • Miss La Sen pattern
  • Piece of foam (pink, light orange or blue)
  • Glue gun
  • Elastic
  • Scissors

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