How to Make a Miss La Sen Lunar New Year Decoration

On Lunar New Year, many Asian families decorate their homes. Fish are considered symbols of abundance, prosperity and vigor. One might say that Miss La Sen is a lucky and protective symbol too, because Miss La Sen wears the lucky OM mantra at the flower on her right ear and in her bow, there is the protective mantra symbol (the Ksitigarbha bodhisattva mantra "HA" syllable). If you want to combine a Lunar New Year tradition with Miss La Sen, you can start with step 1 to make this decorative item.


  1. Image titled Ca vang
    Download this pattern and print it out in A2 size paper.
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    Cut out the elements and trace them on the pieces of foam. Cut the body of fish. Cut 2 pieces.
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    Use the glue gun to glue 2 pieces of fish body together.
  4. Image titled Cdf3
    Trace the lip on the foam. Cut the fish lip.
  5. Image titled Cdf4
    Glue fish lip onto the fish.
  6. Image titled Cdf5
    Cut the eyes of fish.
  7. Image titled Cdf6
    Glue the eyes of fish onto the body.
  8. Image titled Cdf7
    Cut the caudal fin.
  9. Image titled Cdf8
    Glue the caudal fin onto the fish body.
  10. Image titled Cdf9
    Cut the dorsal fin.
  11. Image titled Cdf10
    Glue the dorsal fin onto the body.
  12. Image titled Cdf11
    Cut the anal fin and glue it onto the body.
  13. Image titled Cdf12
    Cut the operculum on the white foam.
  14. Image titled Cdf13
    Cut about 25 round scales into 2 colors like this. Glue the scales and the operculum onto the body.
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    Cut the red edge on foam.
  16. Image titled Cdf15
    Cut the white square on foam.
  17. Image titled Cdf16
    Glue the white square onto the red edge.
  18. Image titled Cdf17
    Cut the Miss La Sen’s head.
  19. Image titled Cdf18
    Cut the pink flower and headband.
  20. Image titled Cdf19
    Cut the blue bow.
  21. Image titled Cdf21
    Cut the eyes, cheeks, mouth and glue them onto the Miss La Sen’s face.
  22. Image titled Cdf22
    Glue Miss La Sen’s head onto the square. You can draw the Om symbol on the flower at the right ear of Miss La Sen and draw the “Ha” protective symbol on the bow.
  23. Image titled Cdf23
    Punch 2 holes on the fish like picture.
  24. Image titled Cdf24
    Use the red string to hang.
    • You can use the lucky knot to go through the square.
      Image titled Cdf25
    • Now you have Miss La Sen lucky hanging string to decorate on Lunar New Year. Hope that it can bring you the luck, prosperity like its own meaning.
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