How to Make a Miss La Sen Foam Lotus Lantern

The Lotus is a positive symbol in many Asian cultures, often used for the lantern festival or in worship and decoration. If you're a Miss La Sen fan and want to make a lotus lantern inspired by her, start with step one below. You can also adapt this design for other characters. Let your imagination run wild!


  1. 1
    Download this pattern and print it out in A3 size paper.
  2. Image titled Bg2
    Trace the inside petals on the blue foam and cut them out.
  3. Image titled Bg3
    Cut 6 inside blue petals.
  4. Image titled Bg4
    Cut 3 outside white petals on the foam.
  5. Image titled Bg5
    Cut the upper frame and lower frame.
  6. Image titled Bg6
    Punch 4 holes in each petal.
  7. Image titled Bg7
    Poke the 6 blue petals into the lower frame.
  8. Image titled Bg8
    Poke the 6 blue petals into the upper frame.
  9. Image titled Bg10
    Poke the white petals into the blue petals.
  10. Image titled Bg11
    Poke 3 white petals interleaved to attach the blue petals of lantern.
  11. Image titled Bg12
    Cut 3 inside white petals without the arrows.
  12. Image titled Bg13
    Use the glue-gun to glue the top and bottom of the white petal onto the blue petals. Make them bulge in the center of the white petals.
  13. Image titled Bg14
    Glue the white petals without arrows onto the blue petals.
  14. Image titled Bg15
    On the upper frame and lower frame, punch the holes in the center.
  15. Image titled Bg16
    Allow the white petals to bulge out.
  16. Image titled Bg17
    Cut the elements of Miss La Sen’s head.
  17. Image titled Bg18
    Glue them onto the face.
  18. Image titled Bg19
    Punch 2 holes on her face to insert the red string.
  19. Image titled Bg21
    Done. You have Miss La Sen lotus lantern to hang during the lantern festival, or display in your home. You can cut the oval on the petals to glue the glass paper and the small electric light can be shining through.

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