How to Make a Mirror

Three Methods:With Silver PaperWith SteelWith Looking Glass Spray Paint

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, who's the fairest of them all? Did you move into a new place and find there's no mirror? Uh oh. Luckily, you can easily make your own mirror with steel, or paint. Problem solved!

Method 1
With Silver Paper

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    Get a piece of silver paper, cloth, etc. Something that's rather shiny and reflective. Cut it to the size you need. Aluminum foil works well for a prop-like mirror.
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    Glue it to a piece of wood or stiff paper. Whatever type of glue you use, make sure you can spread it on evenly. Be careful if you're using a hot glue gun -- burning yourself with glue isn't a fun part of a DIY project.
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    Get a sheet of glass and put over the paper/cloth. This top layer makes it look a lot more professional and keeps the mirror from getting damaged or torn. The glass on a cheap frame is ideal for this step.
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    Design an appealing frame. This could be cardstock, cardboard, fabric, or any material that can form a border. Add glitter, ribbons, beads, or any embellishment you have available.
    • The easiest way is to use a real frame and spruce it up how you like. Find a cheap one and spray paint it, paper mache, or otherwise make it your own.

Method 2
With Steel

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    Take a block of steel and cut it. This requires tools and a good deal of know-how, so if you only have one or neither, a different method is your best bet.
    • Or make do with the shape it's in, of course. You can always cover the edges if you don't like it's actual size or shape.
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    Polish it. You can either use a professional polish or raid the oil and flour from your kitchen. Either way, don't skip this step! It'll make your mirror much shinier and better looking.
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    Cut the mirror to the desired shape and size. Keep in mind its weight and mobility when you decide on how big or small to make it.
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    Add a nice trim. And you're done with the mirror! Pictured are sequins to make a bird design, but let your creativity flow. You could attach fabric, beads, ribbons, or any other material you have at your disposal.

Method 3
With Looking Glass Spray Paint

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    Gather your materials. It will be easier if you have everything ready and a space cleared. You'll need:
    • A frame with glass
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    • Copied images you like
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    • Krylon looking glass spray paint
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    • Paintbrush
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    • Scissors
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    • White glue
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    Cut out your images and spread the fronts with glue. Yep, the fronts. You'll be adhering the pretty side of the images to the front of the glass. This is easiest if you put the glue in a plastic bowl and use a paintbrush to spread. It needs to be a thin, even layer.
    • Don't use too much glue! If anything, use too little. You don't want globs of glue all over your mirror. When you're applying the glue, place an old newspaper down on your surface -- you also don't want glue all over your table.
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    Place the images in a pleasing arrangement on the back of your glass. If it wasn't clear, remove the glass from the frame to do this. Make sure the glass is clean before you apply the images! Just wipe it down with a bit of glass cleaner and a clean cloth.
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    Go outside and spray paint away. The smell is quite intoxicating (literally), so you'll want to be outside in an open area. Apply several layers and spray as evenly as possible.
    • Let it dry for 15 minutes. After the time is up, flip it over and see what it looks like underneath! If you're unhappy with the results, apply some more spray.
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    Put the glass back in your frame. Reinsert the back and secure all the sides. Ta da! Hang on a wall or display on a shelf.


  • If you use super glue and it gets on you, use nail polish remover to get it off.


  • If you are using very strong glue, be careful not to get any on yourself. Many glues will bond skin instantly, leaving it difficult and painful to undo.

Things You'll Need

Method 1: With Silver Paper

  • Silver paper/cloth/card
  • Pane of glass
  • Wood/stiff card/plastic
  • Strong glue

Method 2: With Steel

  • Block of steel
  • Steel cutter
  • Polish
  • Embellishments

Method 3: With Looking Glass Spray

  • A frame with glass
  • Copied images you like
  • Krylon looking glass spray paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • White glue

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