How to Make a Minion Costume

Want to be one of those cute yellow minions for Halloween ? Bee-Do Bee-Do? Just keep reading.


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    Find a yellow shirt or hoodie.
    If you don't have a yellow tee, dye a white t-shirt with some yellow dye.
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    Find some goggles or round sunglasses. You can make your own goggles with some elastic, two empty toilet rolls, and some gray duct tape.
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    Get a yellow beanie. Again, if you don't have a yellow beanie, dye a white beanie with some yellow dye.
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    Find some black gloves or dark gloves, but preferably black gloves.
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    Get some overalls or if you want a girlish feel, get an overall dress, but you might wanna get some tights. If you want to go into the costume more, print out a stencil of the G the minions have on their overalls to represent Gru's Minions .
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    Get some black shoes uggs, converse, or combat boots are recommended.
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    For hair, wear it straight if you can.
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    For makeup, Wear yellow eyeshadow .
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    It you can't wear makeup, paint your nails yellow or to get even more in the spirit of being a minion, do the minion nail art .
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    Enjoy your minion costume .


  • Wear yellow or black tights if you are going to have a cold Halloween


  • Don't dye anything without permission
  • Don't make this costume without permission of your parents.

Things You'll Need

  • Yellow shirt
  • Yellow beanie
  • Yellow dye and white clothing if you have no yellow clothing
  • Yellow eyeshadow (optional)
  • Yellow nail polish (optional)
  • Goggles or round sunglasses
  • Black gloves
  • Overalls or overall dress
  • Yellow tights (optional)
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