How to Make a Mini Bakery (Kids)

Okay, this is a very very mini bakery like smaller than the Starbucks Pastry selection, this is like 7th graders selling stuff at school sized bakery.


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    Think of a name for your bakery, and create a simple banner for it. Be sure it gives people an idea of the pastries being sold. A short, unique name, such as Little Cakes, will attract attention. Avoid using an overly popular or long name, as this will not capture interest.
    • For example, if you're selling vanilla pastries, a name along the lines of Vanilla Delight would suffice.
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    Decide what goods your bakery will sell. Be sure you offer a variety of pastries in order to accommodate customers' preferences. Select a number of different, well-known sweets and offer two or three different flavors for each. For example, if you choose to sell cookies, include vanilla, chocolate, peanut butter, and butterscotch as your flavors.
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    Find and test recipes with the help of an adult. This will ensure that your bakery is able to offer good-quality foods, as well as prepare more if necessary. Avoid selecting difficult recipes that require high skills and expensive ingredients.
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    Create a poster to serve as your menu. On this, write the name of your bakery in large letters in order to catch people's eyes. Underneath it, include an organized list of goods you're selling, along with the different flavors, categories, and reasonable prices. For a more professional appearance, use Microsoft Word to type out your sentences before printing them out and pasting them onto your poster.
    • To capture interest, use bold, attractive colors, such as black or dark blue. Include an easy-to-read font, ensuring that it is large enough for people to spot from afar.
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    Find a suitable location for your small bakery, such as in your front yard or at school. Be sure you receive permission before setting up.


  • Obey higher authority, and avoid fighting with them.
  • Avoid selling pastries that have nuts or ingredients that people may be allergic to.
  • Make things that are usually liked by the people.


  • Mind people with allergies.

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