How to Make a Middle School Relationship Last

Making a middle school relationship last is hard, and it takes effort, time, passion, etc. Sure, people say that middle schoolers don't really have "relationships that last" but they do. Some people even get married to their Middle School love.


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    Get the guy/girl. It may take some time to find the right person, or to even get in a relationship, so always keep your eyes open for people. And don't ever think you can't go out with someone younger or someone older. Your lover doesn't have to be in the same grade as you for it to be a good relationship. It is actually good to have a relationship with someone in a different grade, it gives you both space away from each other, which evens out the relationship. Anyway, find a person who you really do like, and would want to be with for a while, and flirt, spend time with them, etc, until you finally go out! (Make sure they are as interested in you as you are to them! But sometimes it's not always the case; sometimes you have to work up to getting that far into each other together. It takes time, and you want to take things slow.)
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    Don't be "clingy.( If you truly like each other then you probably won't mind)" Don't text, IM, call, or talk to them all the time. Everyone needs their space and time alone. They will dump you if you talk to them all the time! So keep your distance, and let them always have time to hang out with their friends. It would be good if you got to know their friends, too.
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    Don't be obsessive! They will dump you! Don't go off saying I'm Mr. Something or go off saying she's Mrs. Something that can weird them out and push them away. Also don't write their name everywhere on your body it's okay to write their name on your hand and it's okay to doodle their name. Just don't make it as if they're all you are thinking about; you need to focus on school, but not ignore your boyfriend/girlfriend. If you have a MySpace or Facebook account, don't put all over your profile: "I love my boyfriend!" or "I love my girlfriend!" and don't put their picture everywhere.


  • Stand up for them if people are making fun of him/her.
  • Most people don't know this, but if they had a bad day, have deep conversations with them! It makes them feel like you can have intimate conversations with them.
  • Hugs are a great way to gain trust with that special someone. But don't start too soon, or you may creep them out. Remember, it all takes time.
  • If your school has a breeze way go through there and talk in between classes and hug. It'll make your and their day.
  • Kisses, don't move too fast. Try not to plan the first kiss. It is more romantic to just let it happen. There also isn't any anticipation beforehand.
  • Listen to specific songs that remind you of them. If you danced together at a dance to a specific song, listen to that song. It keeps the feelings strong.
  • If you're a girl, wear your boyfriend's sweatshirt, shirt, etc. It will smell like them, which is normally good, it will keep you thinking about them, and they will like you wearing their clothing. It makes them feel good to know you enjoy wearing it.
  • Don't let drama get in the way of a relationship. Just simply talk to your boyfriend/girlfriend. Don't just let rumors spread or anything, if you do, it will not work out.
  • If you're a guy, always say cute things to your girlfriend, it will make her day and put a smile on her face.
  • When a conversations gets to the point where all you say is "sooo", "soooo", break it up, ask them a question to stop the "soooo" like: How was your day? What are you doing? What's up? What's your favorite color?
  • Set boundaries. Maybe you only hold hands with your boyfriend. Maybe you hug and hold hands. Maybe you kiss, hug, and hold hands. But if you aren't ready to French kiss in the seventh grade (which you aren't) then don't. That can make you upset and feeling dirty or cheated. Love isn't about what you can do for someone. It's about how much you care about the others well being.
  • Always try to brighten their day if they are down.
  • If you are a girl, the best way to get a boy is to glare at him occasionally, and when he looks in your direction divert your eyes. That will make him get the idea that your a little shy (If you are then your okay) and that you like him. Guys are very easy to manipulate, and to get him just show that your open.
  • A guy will most likely like any girl, but not necessarily in just a natural attraction, but also in your intelligence, the way you act around him, laughing, blushing, just anything that will get his attention and make him want to be around you more
  • If a guy hangs around you and your friends more that hasn't really done that before then that means that they have feelings for you, and all the personality traits that drew you into him, will make you seem like the most beautiful girl in the world.
  • Communication is key; rather than keeping an issue locked up, sharing it with the one that you love will not only help you open up, but it will also strengthen your relationship at hand.


  • Be careful, don't go too far, you need to know your boundaries and they need to know yours as well. Don't be afraid to tell your boyfriend/girlfriend no, you're allowed and if they get mad and break up with you they weren't really there for you or feel the same as you do.

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