How to Make a Luna Lovegood Costume

Three Methods:Constructing Luna’s OutfitMaking Luna’s JewelryStyling Luna’s Hair and Accessories

Luna Lovegood is a popular character in the Harry Potter series of books and movies, who is a Ravenclaw and friend of Harry Potter with a uniquely loony, dreamy personality and quirky sense of style. Learn how to make your own costume to emulate Luna Lovegood for Halloween, a Harry Potter-themed event, or any other occasion for cosplay.

Method 1
Constructing Luna’s Outfit

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    Find black uniform robes. Wear Luna’s typical black uniform for all Hogwarts students. Find as many of the following items as you can in your own closet, secondhand store, or costume shop:
    • Black skirt
    • White button-down shirt
    • Black or gray sweater or sweater-vest
    • Black tights
    • Black or gray knee-high socks
    • Black dress shoes
    • Black robe[1]
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    Wear Ravenclaw’s colors. Try adding items to your wardrobe that feature solid dark blue or blue and bronze stripes. These are the house colors of Ravenclaw, the Hogwarts house to which Luna belongs.
    • Make or find a tie and a scarf in these colors for common uniform items. You can also embellish a robe by lining it with blue or attaching the Ravenclaw house crest.[2]
    • Note that in the books, Ravenclaw colors are dark blue and bronze, but in the movies, they are dark blue and silver/light blue.[3]
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    Opt for casual clothes. Try wearing Luna’s casual clothes that she has on when she isn’t wearing a uniform. Pair bright colors and patterns together for this look.
    • Layer your clothes for Luna’s casual look. Try a skirt and big jacket with colorful tights.
    • Try clothing featuring animal images, as Luna is particularly interested in magical beasts. You can also look for images of the hare specifically, as that is Luna’s patronus.[4]

Method 2
Making Luna’s Jewelry

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    Make “dirigible plum” earrings. Wear Luna’s signature earrings, which feature a dangling vegetable she calls the dirigible plum. She and her father grow this radish-like crop that’s supposed to “enhance the ability to accept the extraordinary.”[5]
    • Look for pre-made or make your own earrings that resemble radishes, which have a tapered red and white bulb and green leaves.
    • Try making these earrings out of beads, clay, or another material that will allow you to create this unique shape.[6]
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    Make the butterbeer cork necklace. Wear Luna’s signature necklace made from the cork from butterbeer, a popular beverage in the wizarding world.
    • Make your own cork necklace with a cork from wine or another bottle. String the cork onto a string or chain using a heavy needle.[7] Or, affix a clasp to the top of the cork to string onto a necklace.[8]
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    Make Luna’s “Spectrespecs” glasses. Wear the unusual glasses that Luna sometimes has on, called Spectrespecs. These feature a wavy design on the sides and two different-colored lenses.
    • Try using a pair of 3D glasses that have one red and one blue cellophane “lens.” Then add a wavy design to the edges using paper or cardboard.
    • Or you can make your own Spectrespecs from scratch by drawing or printing out a premade design for the frames, then making your own lenses out of colored plastic wrap.[9]

Method 3
Styling Luna’s Hair and Accessories

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    Get Luna’s long blonde hair. Imitate Luna’s hair, which is described as dirty blonde, waist-length, and straggly. Style your hair or use a wig to achieve this look.
    • Get the wavy, straggly look that appears on Luna in the movies and the book illustrations by using a crimping or curling iron, then brushing out the hair for more subtle waves and volume.
    • Buy a long blonde wig, or use a temporary dye if your hair isn’t already blonde. Or simply do the styling for an approximate look.
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    Hold a wand. Carry a wand that Luna would use for spells. You can buy carved Harry Potter-style wands, or fashion your own simple one from a stick.
    • Make an easy wand by peeling the bark off of any stick, sanding down the surface, and coating it with wood varnish.[10]
    • If you don’t want to carry the wand in your hand, stick it behind your ear for safekeeping, a common quirky Luna trait.
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    Carry The Quibbler magazine. Make your own version of the magazine that Luna’s dad publishes, The Quibbler. You can sit and read it upside down, as Luna is doing the first time Harry meets her on the train to Hogwarts.
    • Adorn the magazine with photos and stories of unusual magical beasts or plants, as that’s where the Lovegoods’ interests lie.
    • You can make your own full magazine with glossy paper and printed stories and photos, or simply wrap your own or a printable Quibbler cover design around an existing magazine.[11]


  • Don’t worry if you can’t get every single part of a Luna Lovegood costume. A few key elements, like a robe and her signature jewelry and glasses, can be made inexpensively and will be enough to distinguish you as Luna!

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