How to Make a Lot of Friends on the First Day of School

Is it your first day of school? Do you have trouble making friends on the first day? Well you my friend, have come to the right place.


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    Walk in peacefully. Nobody likes freaks that barge in and scare them and knock all their stuff down. This move will help your first impression on the people you spot and want to make friends with. Don't make your walk too dramatic though, people find that kind of creepy.
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    Smile. Not too much but just right to make your day more pleasant and maybe a special somebody might just find your smile very attractive. Smiling also helps acne go away (if you have acne). It makes you look like a happy, clean and friendly person. Remember, nobody likes a dirty, lazy, or grumpy person.
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    Now is the time you make your move. Go up to a person or a group and start talking. Say hi first then start. Make sure your breath smells good. Chew some gum (make sure you get rid of it before you approach them), anything that makes your breath smell better. Don't use breath spray though. It makes it smell even worse. When you talk, make the conversation about evenly balanced-talk about you and them. You want to find out lots about them so you know if they are your type of friends. Be careful what you talk about, and don't lie. If you do it'll come back to you. If they don't find you interesting just move on. There's a lot more people in the school that want to be your friend than them.
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    If you need to go to the bathroom. Use it, and if you need to, fix your hair, put on more make up (if you're a girl) whatever you think will make you look better do it. Just don't spend more then your time limit in the bathroom. You'll miss out on the first few minutes of first period and teachers DO NOT like this.
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    When it's time for lunch sit at a table that you think you might feel comfortable. Maybe you're goth, popular(if you think so),a nerd (no offense), or your old friends from last year (if you have some) or wherever you think you'll fit in.Just sit down at a table. Chances are that those people you sit with will be your first friends for the year.
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    Continue on with a normal day. Just follow your schedule and you'll be fine. Whenever you're between breaks and you feel like there's a chance of making more friends or a friend, then talk to him/her/them. It's okay to be shy. Everybody feels like that on the first day. Just try to calm yourself down and hopefully it'll work.
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    When it's the end of the day and it's time for school dismissal, be proud of yourself that you've gotten through the first day and made friends. Even if it's just one friend you made it's better than nothing. Maybe he/she will become your new best friend.


  • First impressions are important: you only get one!
  • Pick out something nice to wear. Something that describes you. Add a little jewelry! (Not too much though). Just enough to add a little style to your outfit.
  • As for jewelry, try a cute necklace or nice pair of ear rings (This goes for girls). For guys, don't wear jewelry or anything. Girls tend not to like it (guys, too)
  • Have fun! Nothing's more important than having fun on the first day of school. You have to loosen up a bit, learn to have fun and still be cool. Everyone loves a fun and happy but still cool person
  • Don't overreact and laugh too much and blush and be all happy and stuff, it's okay to be cheerful just not too much. It's irritating to people when you come up to them and be all cheery and loud. (this goes for girls).
  • If you were shy last year or if you weren't liked, try changing your act. Be a little different but no so different. Don't dye your hair. If someone is sitting next to you, start a conversation. Still be yourself. Don't let people get to your head.


  • Don't try super hard! Be yourself and people that like you will come to you!

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