How to Make a Lot of Friends in Middle School

If you are a rising middle schooler and want to make a lot of friends or you think you need more friends, here are some steps to take to guarantee you'll make a of friends. Get staring reading, and completing, step one below.


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    Say nice things like "I like your shirt, where did you get it?" or things like "did you see the that new movie yet? This gives them an idea of you being a possible friend in the future. You should smile politely as well if you want to give that friendliness a lasting affect.
    • It's a great idea to have a chance to communicate to someone you don't know in your school because there could be totally awesome benefits and happy endings if you were to be in a little situation. Most likely, if the person you had a conversation with was a nice person, they may help you out in coincidence later on.
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    • Try to start conversations with other people and see if you guys have anything in common or have similar interests. Even if you are very different.
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    The new kid willing to sit at any table or currently sit at a table with a bunch of strangers you don't know, you should at least talk to somebody and get a couple of appropriate laughs.
    • Getting to know people is very important because you will never know who will do what or what will happen next. Knowing people may help you solve many puzzles in some situations too.
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    Expect the unexpected.
    • You will never truly know who's the "culprit" to your social problems or the "one" you should give all of your trust to. It's best to build up a very strong foundation of common sense and increase your awareness of all of your surroundings. Do not be surprised if someone doesn't like you for no reason.
    • One thing to solve that is to talk to the person without freaking out or blaming. Use "I-messages" or try to be GREAT friends with that person. If they didn't like you because of a silly rumor or vice versa, don't be in a myopic state of mind. Think for a little while before you take action.
    • Do anything you wish to solve that problem but it is extremely critical that you avoid doing anything that: is mean or interrupts the educational environment, is harassment or assault, ruins anybody's life, will ruin your own egoism, could be deadly (literally), or doesn't make any sense at all. If you do anything that has alike consequences with that list of things before this sentence, it's a likely possibility of you getting into deep trouble. Trust me, not many people would like to hang out with a person for too long if that person gets in trouble very often.
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    Be Yourself.
    • Please, being yourself is never easy, but not being yourself could get you somewhere you wouldn't want to be. Even if you are a nerd, it's best to be in a friendly group where you feel secure and belonged honestly than being lonely, horribly confused, and a big pretender with people always being suspicious about you.
    • Also, if you don't feel comfortable in any stressing situation, just say so. Lying will take the skills of a super ingenious strategist for a whole day and being stuck in a tangled web of lies can lead to way more trouble than you had when you told the truth.
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    Plan ahead.
    • If you want to hang out with your friends and be together more often, join school activities such as clubs or extracurricular activities. The things that you do in school may contain people who share a similar reason to be in that activity like you or may have some of the same goals as you.
    • If you don't feel too comfortable with school activities, try planning a fun event where people from your school you know or want to know can come and have a wonderful time. For instance, you could tell people that they are welcome to come at a local park, movie theatre, ice rink, etc. to have some group fun with a really responsible adult to watch for safe reasons.
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    Don't be a show off, nosey, selfish or conceited. It will just make people hate you.


  • If you get to choose where you sit in class choose a seat where it looks like you wanna get to know the people and once you sit there start a conversation and see how much you have in common.
  • It's great to be helpful to others. If people see you in a great perspective, it's likely for people wanting to trust you for your care for others.
  • Avoid making any enemies. Just think of people not knowing you very well only that and don't recommend them actually "hating" you. Remember, anyone is your friend, anyone is not your friend. That is why there was the invention and discovery of establishing trust.
  • Don't be looking for trouble. Don't be a total obvious snob or serial drama queen.
  • "Like what you have because you're very lucky to have them...
  • Sit with a new person at lunch.
  • Don't be too relaxed because your grades and school performance does effect your future.
  • Bad words are just plain bad. Using profane language gets you nowhere. Those ugly words people call "cool," well, they are plain wrong. Even if you use them around anybody, they would probably think you're some crazy head from a bad place. Instead, use funny and non-offensive words like "fudge" or "cheese." They don't seem funny, but you'll be surprised to see who's laughing!
  • "Just because a super popular and expensive outfit looks good on a mannequin at a store window in the mall doesn't mean it will look better on you. Your style looks the best on you when you know it. The mannequin doesn't know anything.
  • The rules are like the law. It's mandatory to follow the law.
  • Don't ignore everybody that's no way to make new friends just talk to them everyday then quite possibly they'll be your friends.
  • Be outgoing, step out of your comfort zone!
  • Being friends with your teachers can be REALLY REALLY REALLY fun. Seriously, the more friends you are with the teachers, the more appropriate learning fun you will have in the classrooms. It could even be possible for the whole class to be great pals with each other and with the teacher. After that, there is the likelihood of having an "educational and curricular related celebrations " a.k.a.: class party.
  • Don't be too tensed because it's just middle school.
  • Wear makeup. Wear a little mascara, concealer, lip balm,? and / or powder or blush. Never go crazy with make up or you will be popular in Clown School not Middle School.
  • "There is always at least one reason for a cause...


  • Be glad you are you and believe in yourself. Not being glad will not give you any fun in middle school and at this time of you life, fun is essential to your childhood. Soon, you'll be an adolescent before you know it!
  • Being TOO nice can actually scare people. There is a such thing as being WAY too nice and that can throw people out of the norm. If you don't agree to something, stick to your beliefs and be firm. Tell people how you feel about something if you think it's not right. It's okay to express your opinion other than keeping to yourself. Don't get away with letting someone change your mind too quickly or else someone is going to think about something related to manipulation and you definitely don't want to go there.
  • Don't bother a cranky/wildly mad person. Ask if they need some space if they don't want to talk about something. You should respect others feelings and moods. If you really feel like they should talk to feel better, don't push too hard, but you can try talking to them to calm them down a bit.
  • Acting mean and snobby on the first day will make you look obnoxious and rude and you will just lose (or never even gain) potential friends.
  • Avoid STRESS and DEPRESSION as much as possible. The stress can grow like a monster if it is not treated properly and the depression can spread everywhere inside you like a disease. Do stress reducing things like exercising and/or avoid thinking on depressing thoughts. Worrying can do a lot of damage if it gets too severe.

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