How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Thrive

A relationship can be tough as it is, let alone a long distance one. There are questions that you will need to ask yourself before undertaking a long distance relationship, as well as questions you will need to ask of your partner. If you are in a long distance relationship already, there are much-needed essentials for it to flourish, such as knowing how to deal with an argument as well as fidelity, honesty, trust, creating fun dates, spicing it up, and communication, while "LOVE" remains the deciding factor.


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    Ask questions! Ask yourself if you can see this person in your life in the near as well as distant future at some point, are you going to move to where he/she is, or is he/she going to move to you? Are you willing to leave your life here for him/her to go there? Are you willing to devote your time to this person to make things work out for the best or are you too busy? What's the time difference between you two? Think of all the necessary questions for your particular situation and discuss them with him/her, there is no sense in pursuing a long distance relationship if you, he/she or both of you two are lacking the level of commitment needed for a long distance relationship to thrive.
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    Prepare yourself on how and when you plan on being with him/her. Showing how prepared you are will also show how serious you are on making this work out for the better. Try to see each other in person as often as possible. Spend time with their friends and colleagues as well as by yourselves.
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    Be honest! Honesty is what builds a foundation of trust. Without trust you cannot have a happy relationship, without trust he/she will lose that sense of security and that sense of friendship, so by all means be honest.
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    Be faithful! Don't cheat on your partner. If you're cheating, you're not serious about this relationship and it will only lead to you hurting your partner as well as most likely losing him/her.
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    Communicate! The biggest part in communication is being a great listener, listen to your partner when he/she is talking and they will do the same for you. Show them you're interested by asking questions and they will know you're listening and really appreciate that you care. This will also allow you to take part in their daily lives. If you know their colleagues, their friends, and the things they are working on, you won't feel so far apart.
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    Do some fun activities together! Write a romantic letter and/or send post cards every so often by slow mail, this will keep things fun and will show them they mean a lot to you knowing you took the time to write a letter for them. Watch movies online together on sites such as , make time in your schedule to talk on the phone together or have a webcam chat.
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    Spice it up! Don't be afraid to talk about each others sexual desires whether it be on the phone, through e-mail or even better on webcam, you never know where it may lead you.
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    Learn how to deal with disagreements. Again listening is the key, try to be understanding of your partner and listen to their point of view. Ask questions to show you're listening, respond with the words "I understand" or "I hear you" and refrain from using the words "ya, but". Once you've listened to what he/she has said you can let them know your opinion or thoughts on the situation.
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    Stay true to your feelings! If you care for or love him/her let them know how much you really do care for them daily, say it before they go to sleep or when they wake up, it can be a random e-mail or text message. Most people love knowing they're loved and cared for and that there's someone who will be there for them.
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    Be prepared for emergencies. Try to save a certain amount of money so that you can go see them on short notice if an emergency arises. If one of you falls seriously ill, has an accident, loses a loved one, or requires surgery, you don't want to be broke and worry from afar about their well-being.


  • Ask questions, if they have nothing to hide then they probably won't mind answering you. Being interested in them shows that you care.
  • Try to learn something new about your partner every day, they will feel more loved knowing that you're trying to be involved with them and their life
  • Pictures are very important, exchange pictures of what you are doing at a particular moment. Its fun and brings you closer to each other.
  • Smile, its contagious, even over the phone
  • Always be available for your partner.


  • Look for signs that may show a relationship isn't going well, but at the same time don't be paranoid.
  • When asking many questions try not to sound like your snooping as this may give them the wrong idea that you may not trust them

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