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If you're Internet-savvy, you've probably come across a "lolcat"--an image macro usually featuring a cat and a caption in broken English. You might subscribe to them through RSS, or even collect them. Now you can make your own by following these steps!


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    Search for (or take) pictures of cats. Get several of them and choose which one would look funny with 'captions'. If you use someone else's image, make sure to ask for permission, or if it's a Creative Commons image, give them credit appropriately.
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    Think of a caption. Remember that spelling/grammatical errors are deliberate. This "language" is sometimes called lolspeak, kitteh or kitty pidgin. You may be able to find some translators online.[1]
    • Try these caption templates (replace the blanks with your desired noun/verb):

      • "IM IN UR ___, ___-ING UR ___"
      • "IT ARE ___, I HAS IT"
      • "OH NOES! MAH ___ IT ARE ___!"
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    Try finding cats in positions that look as if they have an 'invisible object'. Put a caption describing what is the 'invisible object'. A good (existing) example would be "invisible bike."
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    Open up the desired cat picture with Adobe Photoshop or GIMP, place your desired "capshun" on the picture in Impact font, Bold it, colour the text white and enable a black outline around it.
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    You're done! Now send to friends or post on forums for the world to view your creation! Many lols will come forth!


  • has their own Lolcat maker, which will allow you to create Lolcats from existing photos or by uploading your own.
  • No Photoshop? Use the open-source Image Editing software, the GIMP! Another choice if you do not have Photoshop is Paint.NET.
  • If you have cropping tool installed on your computer, just insert the picture in Word, put a Wordart over the picture and just crop it.
  • To make the black outline, go to text effects and select black outline.


  • Lolcats are addictive! Be forewarned!
  • Due to the widespread use of lolcats, many people find them unoriginal and unfunny. Do not be surprised if you are ridiculed for using them.

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