How to Make a Killer Beach Party

House parties are great, but there really is nothing like a good beach party. Even though they seem basically simple to organize, they need certain touches, or else they'll just be average. You don't want just an average party, do you?


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    Find the perfect space. Beach parties are typically on the ocean, but if you don't live anywhere near coast, you can use lakes or rivers. If you don't live near any sort of natural water, good luck holding a beach party. try to find a spot with lots of places to sit, such as logs, rocks, etc. Of there is none, bring camping chairs.
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    Get loads of people. You can have a good time with just a few people, but with beach parties it is better to have as many people as you can wrangle up. Don't invite complete strangers, though. Try to keep it with just people that you trust, but be careful, as you can't control who goes to the beach.
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    Buy a lot of beer or age appropriate drinks. Beer is a very convenient drink for outside parties such as these, so I suggest you buy a lot. You could tell people to buy their own, but you should at least have some backups for you and your buddies. You can also drink other bottled/canned drinks, such as ciders, or pre-mixed, I definitely do not recommend hard bar, because it can be inconvenient to have a big bottle, if you want to shoot it, or mix it. If you simply have to, try using pop or water bottles to carry it in. Don't forget the food!!
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    Build a huge fire. Fires are essential to beach parties. Without a bonfire, all you've got is a bunch of people hanging out on the dark beach. Build it in a place that is away from flammable objects, like trees, bushes, grass. Find a safe place for it. Ask somebody where you could put the fire if you don't know. Ask your fire department if there are any fire restrictions in your area, also.
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    Have fun! Forget about your stresses or anything that might bother you, just let loose and have a good time.


  • Try to get a battery powered radio, and some chairs. If you want to, camping tables are useful, too.
  • Wear nice swim wear.....there might be some hot and sexy people there.
  • Do your best to control the people on the beach, if some people show up that you think are gonna cause some trouble, try to get them to leave. You don't want any spoilers around.
  • Wear warm clothes, if it tends to get cold.
  • Another fun addition is a campout on the beach! Find a high, sandy area and set up a tent. Smores and sleeping bags are a must-have!
  • Try skinny dipping.
  • Act normal.


  • Be sure that there is no fire restrictions in your area before you light a fire.
  • Bring a cellphone with you, in case anything does happen.
  • Do not drink alcohol unless you are of legal age in your area.
  • Go easy, and be careful of passing out on the wet sand.
  • Also drink responsibly. We don't want you to die, or hurt yourself.
  • Make sure that if you are planning on getting smashed, have a designated driver to take you home, don't drive yourself home! Also, make sure that you have a friend that can take care of you if anything happens.

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