How to Make a Katniss Costume

You've read The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, you waited for Catching Fire the movie, you wear your Team Peeta (or Gale) shirt with pride. You know what a Tribute is, what an Avox is, and that President Snow should die. And you know that Katniss Everdeen is the protagonist of the popular Hunger Games Trilogy––a strong, courageous girl who fights in the dreaded hunger games––twice. You know as much as Katniss does, probably more, and you may be moved by her adventurous spirit and general "awesomeness" to want to dress as Katniss on Halloween. So, all you need now is a costume, a Reaping, and a twisted Dystopia––this article will help you with the costume part!


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    Start with the top. Find a mint or light green or black collared blouse or polo shirt. It should be worn tucked into your pants. You can get a shirt like this from an online staff uniform supplier or from a thrift store.
    • Alternatively, wear a black V-neck top.
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    Select some pants. For the pants, wear simple beige (light brown) trousers or cargo pants. Add a belt.
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    Add a jacket. Find a thin black hooded jacket that reaches your mid thighs if possible.
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    Choose suitable footwear. Ideally, you'll need some tall black boots. They cannot be heeled and are best with a rubber tread along the bottom, to make the boots look more athletic than stylish. Also, they should not have any embellishments other than a simple zipper up the side of the boot.
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    Find a copy of Katniss' signature Mockingjay pin. These are sold online, such as through online auction sellers. However, you could also make one by finding the design online, printing it off and attaching it to strong card. Use varnish suitable for paper to protect it from light rain (just in case) and hot glue a brooch pin to the back.
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    Arrange your hair suitably. If you already have brunette or black hair, you won't need a wig. However, if your hair is short, purchase a ponytail hair extension and braid it into your own hair. If you have a different color of hair, either wear a wig or use a temporary dye. Then, braid your hair in a diagonal Dutch Braid across the back of your head if you want an ideal Katniss look from the movie, but if you want to go for an easier braid, just do a regular braid down your back (which is from the book). The Dutch Braid from the movie is most recognized, but either will give you a good Katniss look. Secure with a ponytail holder. Note that Katniss does have side bangs, so you could part your hair to one side to create a side bang type of look if necessary, but this step is optional. Use hairspray or gel to secure your hair.
    • To add a wig if needed, tie your hair up and secure with a wig-cap first, then put on the wig.
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    Prepare your face and body makeup. For a realistic portrayal of Katniss, some grime and blood would make excellent additions:
    • Use black face paint to make random dirt and grime marks on your face, neck, arms, and legs.
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    • Use red face paint to make wounds on hands (burns), one cheek, neck, and one knee (tracker jackers), and if visible, streak on right calf (burn), also, if needed, coming from left ear (blast from destroying Careers' food).
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    Add props. A few key props will help to finalize the whole Katniss image. Some suggestions include:
    • Make a bow and arrow. Carry this around or sling it over your back or shoulder.
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    • Alternatively, hold a cardboard/fake plastic knife.
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    • Secure a mud-covered neon orange backpack on your shoulders.
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  • Real mocking jay pins are available online, if you want a real pin.
  • Also a friend could dress as Rue and walk around with you.
  • A friend can dress up as Peeta and walk around with you.
  • Remember to act the part!
  • Feel free to let your inner bum out and mess up your clothes. If you want you can mess up the clothes a bit, like ripping the jacket on the arm (provided it's an unwanted or old jacket).
  • Another gold or gold-colored pin can be substituted if you don't have a Mockingjay pin.
  • If your hair is short but long enough to put in a ponytail you can just put your hair in a ponytail to the side.
  • If you really want to look emulate Katniss' eyes, use gray eye contacts if you don't have naturally gray eyes. This step is definitely optional though!
  • Don't go overboard with all the contact lenses or make up. It's just best to find a jacket, do a plait and have fun!


  • Be aware that carrying around a real weapon is illegal in many places, as well as unsafe. If you want a real weapon for a photo, just use it as a prop but don't carry it around with you, especially not among the Halloween revelers.

Things You'll Need

  • Black t shirt or tank-top - not to long
  • Beige or dark brown, solid-khaki pants or capris (preferably no pockets)
  • Long, black jacket with hood, 2 small slit pockets if possible, zipper
  • Dark brown belt, most likely with black buckle, 2-3 inches (5-7.5cm) in width (optional)
  • Earth-coloured (i.e, dark green, brown, black) rain boots, or low-cut hiking boots
  • Straight, black or dark, long hair (braided), wig perhaps (optional)
  • Brush
  • Ponytail holder
  • Mockingjay pin (or other gold, circular pin) (can be found on eBay, bookstores, or Hot Topic, or make your own)
  • Imitation bow and arrow (can be found at a dollar store, or see Related wikiHows for instructions)
  • A bright orange backpack or district 12 backpack (from feast)
  • Red and black face and/or body paint (optional)

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