How to Make a Homemade Dessert Stand

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Desserts. Too often do they disappear right before your eyes once the pan leaves the oven. Why not take a step back and admire the masterpiece you've created for at least a minute before you dive in. Maybe even save a piece to keep on display for the morning? Here, this article has created a few homemade ideas with supplies you can find around your house to display your fine desserts.


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    Find Household Items. You would be surprised to find how many household items can be transformed into dessert stands. To give you some ideas go around your house in attempt to find paper plates, Solo cups, a candlestick, wine glass, and even a flower pot from your back yard! Look around and get creative!
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    Decide on a Type of Event. Now is time to decide what type of event you are going to be putting your desserts on display for.
    • Kid friendly event: Use a Solo cup, paper plate, glue gun, and any brand of finger paints. This option is easy and one you can integrate kids into!
    • More sophisticated: If looking for a more adult (and permanent) idea, it is time to take out the candlestick, wine glass, martini glass, and ceramic plate!
    • Laid Back Look: Heading into spring and looking to bring the outdoors inside? Take a flower pot of your choosing, any shape or size, and prepare to decorate it or leaving it alone to get more of a rustic feel! Of all of the bases this will be your sturdiest choice.

Putting the Stand Together

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    Depending on which event choice you have made, follow these simple steps to put your dessert stand together!
    • The cup of your choice, candlestick, or flower pot will become the stem of your stand. Turn it upside down or keep it right side up depending on which way has more stability. Example: Martini glass turned upside down will have greater balance due to the shape of the glass.
    • If you would like to decorate your stem with paints or other decorations, now is the time to do so. Also, you may also take the plate or platform for your stand and decorate it at this time as well. Allow time to fully dry.
    • Once both pieces you will be using to create your stand are decorated to your liking, you may take the glue and prepare to apply it. On the top of your stem apply and layer of glue as well as applying a layer to the bottom of your platform in the same area, as to match where the stem with be attaching to it. Allow ample amount of time to dry. Afterwards, continue to add glue to the area surrounding where your stem and platform meet. This will ensure that glue has fully been applied everywhere possible!
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    Set up the desserts. Now that your stand is dry, turn it right side up! Depending on which stand choice you made, it is time to add your desserts onto them: cakes, cupcakes, cookies, etc. Hopefully the display will look as good as they taste!


  • When buying paints to decorate your stand, be sure to look for non-toxic paints as your food will be in close corners with it! When decorating with children, be sure to use finger paints!
  • Recommended supply brands for paint are: Delta PermEnamel, Vitrea paints, or any acrylic paint but you will need a glaze!
  • Allow for the glue to dry. Adding the desserts too soon can cause the stand to lose stability and break off. No one wants desserts on the floor! Glue guns allow for easy application, but any strong adhesive will do.
  • Look around your house for different stand ideas they are everywhere! You would be surprised with what will work! (Flower vase filled with Easter eggs is a great base for Easter!) Think holidays!
  • Plates may be turned upside down or right side up depending on the look you are going for! Mix and Match it is meant to be fun!
  • Recommended supply brands for glue are: Crayola, 3M, Ranger, and Plaid.
  • If you are increasing the height of your stand, it is recommended that with each layer you add, the plate size decreases. This will help with stability, as well as making your display more attractive.

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