How to Make a Hippie Bedroom

Have you always wanted a peaceful hippie bedroom? Whether you're changing your style or have been thinking for a while, read this article to find out how to get that bedroom!


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    Think what type of hippie room you want. Do you want a light room with open curtains and lots of lamps? Or a dark mysterious room, with black lights and strobe lights?
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    Search up hippie rooms. Search pictures of hippie rooms to get a picture planted in your mind, or do your own thing completely.
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    Buy or make the items. Hippies tend to save money and buy cheap or make their stuff. You can buy mandala wall tapestries off eBay from as little as £6 pounds ($7.90) and strobe lights basically anywhere. Hippies had lots of posters of bands like The Beatles, Sum 41, Nirvana, John Lennon, and many other bands and people. They had lots of dream catchers too, because that's what they believed.
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    Design! Plan where you want your items to go. Lots of people tend to actually have mandalas on every wall and the ceiling, but if you want that light airy room then have one or two, so they don't clog up the room too much. Do you want black lights? Strobe lights? Mandalas? Dream catchers? Posters? Pin boards? Stickers? Concert tickets? Put anything up that you think may compliment the room.
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    Plan the colour theme. Although most hippie style rooms don't have a colour theme, it will look good on your walls if you plan to have mandalas. So if you're getting a colour theme, get one solid colour. For airy rooms get a cream, white, grey, green or blue, and for darker rooms get navy, grey, deep red or dark purple. Never get black as the room will start to feel closed up.
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    Put everything in place. Put your mandalas up, stick that pinboard you've had in the loft next to the door. Adorn your ceiling with dream catchers. Whatever you want to completely fulfill your hippie bedroom.


  • Don't get black walls as they make the room feel closed up.
  • If you get black lights, get UV paint, pens or posters otherwise they're basically useless.
  • Use a solid color for your walls.


  • Black walls close the rooms up.
  • Careful hanging tapestries. If you fall you can get injured or bring down the wallpaper.

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