How to Make a Hanging Cloud

How cool would it be to have a three dimensional cloud hanging in your room? If you think it'd be a great addition to your room's d├ęcor, follow these instructions to make an awesome 3D hanging cloud!


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    Gather the materials needed for this project. They're listed under "Things You'll Need" below.
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    Cut a strand of wire (or more than one). The length and amount of wire cut will depend on how large you'd like your cloud to be.
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    Start the frame by making a loop. This loop needs to be about the length of the size you've chosen your cloud to be.
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    Cut more wire and add to the loop by placing arches on the top and bottom, angled in any direction. The more loops that you attach, the more stable your stuffing will stay once it is added to the frame.
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    After you're done with creating the frame shape, start placing wads of stuffing in and on the frame. Make sure that the stuffing covers all of the wire frame.
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    When you're done covering the frame, cut another piece of wire and make a loop at the end of it. (This part should be done with fishing line because then it would really look like the cloud was floating in your room!)
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    Hook this piece with the loop onto part of the wire frame. You may need to try different spots until it is placed so that the cloud is evenly balanced.
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    Get some tape and tape your hanging cloud to the ceiling. Now the sky is in your own room!
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  • Add a bit of colour to your clouds to give them that sunset colour.
  • While covering the wire frame in stuffing, loop the stuffing around the wire so it will stay in place and cover the wire at the same time.
  • Try substituting clear fishing line for the hanging piece(s) for a more realistic effect
  • Make a few clouds if you'd like the outcome; a ceiling with several clouds can look really awesome.
  • Use more than one piece of wire so you have more freedom as to where you would like wire arches to be


  • Polyfil is extremely flammable. Do not put clouds near any heat source (lamps, ceiling lights, etc)
  • While working with the wire, take care when brushing against or touching the sharp wire tips.

Things You'll Need

  • Polyester fiberfill or Polyfil
  • Wire cutters
  • Scotch tape
  • 24 gauge steel galvanized wire

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