How to Make a Hanging Chair

Is your porch missing something vital that will not only add style but function for everyday living? Add a casual porch swing that be constructed using a few materials from your home improvement store. - This swing may end up being a family favorite for years to come.


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    Cut and prepare the 1¼” dowels. Cut dowels to 30” long using your electric saw.
    • Measure 2″ and 3½″ in from each end of the dowel and then mark each spot. Hold your dowel still while measuring to ensure marks are level.
    • Drill ⅝″ holes through the 2” marks you made on each of the dowels.
    • Drill ½″ holes through the 3½″ marks.
    • Hold the third 1¼” dowel and measure and drill three ½” holes.
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    Create the chair seat. Cut out a 48″ x 23″ piece of drop cloth.
    • Fold ½″ of fabric, along the sides and iron in place.
    • Fold again and iron. Repeat on the other side.
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    Use your sewing machine to stitch twice (straight) along both of these folds.
    • Fold the top and bottom down 3⅛″ and then sew (straight stitch) across the bottom of the fold.
    • Slide the 1¼″ dowels through each end of the canvas seat.
    • Add the ⅝″ dowels into the previously drilled holes.
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    Pull the chair together. Drill a hole where the dowels join and then screw them together.
    • Tie the rope in a double knot in your rope (leave about 4′ on one side).
    • Push the other (long) side of the rope through the other 1¼″ dowel and then through the hole on the other end.
    • Tie a knot underneath the dowel and leave some extra rope on the top so you can make a loop.
    • Tie the excess rope in a loop and measure to ensure it is centered above the dowel.
    • Send both ends of the rope down through the top rung of the seat, then tie a knot below the dowel. Trim any excess.
    • Cut leftover rope into two equal pieces and then make a knot in one end of both ropes (with 6-8″ excess).
    • Feed rope through the bottom rung of the seat and then join ropes to the top dowel. Tie the ropes around the dowel.
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    Test and finish chair. Hang the swing to ensure it is level once you tie it into place.
    • Trim any excess rope or tuck into the swing.


  • Purchase stain to make the chair look more complete.
  • Hang with a hook that supports at least 300 lbs.

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