How to Make a Grass Game of Twister

Make a retro game party even better by designing a game of Twister right on your lawn! Find an area on your lawn that will allow you to make an extra large human game board for Twister and go for it!


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    Measure a 6’ x 4’ area on your lawn. This size may vary depending upon your circle template.
    • Consider using your circle to dictate size. Mark off 6 circles lengthwise and 4 circles for the width.
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    Plot Twister board colors. The first row should be red, followed by blue, yellow and green. Use a graphic or the actual picture on the board for reference.
    • Use the Sharpie marker to mark where each circle will be placed. Use the length of the marker to help you determine spacing between circles.
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    Spray paint circles on lawn. Work with one color at a time, beginning from the outward in (either begin with red or green).
    • Spray 6 circles lengthwise and allow dry time before moving onto the next color. You want the circles to dry in the event you step on or brush up against the freshly painted circles.
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    Allow entire board to dry completely before use. This could be up to 6 hours. Don’t allow the board to dry overnight as dew could compromise how well it dries.
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    Play the game using traditional rules and the spinner from your Twister board game. If you don’t have the original spinner, create one using red, blue, green and yellow duct tape, a piece of square cardboard and a plastic directional.
    • Cut out small, duct tape squares (in each color) and place on cardboard.
    • Poke hole through the middle of the cardboard and affix your directional.

Things You’ll Need

  • Spray paint in yellow, green, blue and red
  • Black Sharpie marker
  • Circle template (circle should be larger than your hand)
  • Tape measure
  • Spinner from Twister board game


  • Create board on a sunny, dry day.
  • Consider “drying” the area before use. Place towels over grass to remove any residue.

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