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Maybe you're a little old to be playing with those Barbies... or not! Are you a Goth and ever wanted to create a mini-you? Well have a try following these steps. Try doing all if it, or just pick those you like the sound of. Start off with number one below.


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    Find some old Barbie dolls, or any other doll. A baby doll would make a funky, goth doll, or use a teenager doll like Sindy or Jem. Buy a new doll if you wish. Many people think that using an old doll works best, then you can alter just about anything and won't have to worry about wasting money. Any doll can be Gothic if you are creative enough.
    • Check garage sales, second hand stores, and dollar discount stores to find dolls and clothing for them.
    • Also try shopping around online for a specific doll.
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    You may want to dye your doll's hair. You can have it be anything! Black, purple, red, green, pink, blue... even blonde. But you can always keep their "natural" hair color too. It's alright to have it "naturally" brown or highlighted.
    • If you want to dye your doll's hair, cover a table with newspaper. Take some masking tape or Vaseline and put it on the doll's upper torso, neck, face and back of head to prevent from staining the doll's skin.
    • Get some dye. Powdered hair dye in boiling water works the best. Use half the package and stir it in the water until it is dissolved. You can also try things like fabric paint or regular old drugstore hair dye.
    • Dye the doll's hair! Dip his/her hair into the dye and let it sit for at lest twenty minutes, a half hour at the most. Rinse the doll's hair well under warm water. Soak up any excess moisture with a paper towel. Set the doll in a warm or sun location for a few hours.
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    You can also cut the doll's hair. Look up some hairstyles you like online and snip away! You can give it bangs, razor it, layer it, or just cut it with your eyes closed. This step is optional, however.
    • If you want to style the hair, go ahead! Put it in pigtails, ponytail, curl it, crimp it, dread it... anything you can imagine doing to a doll's hair.
    • A few extra crafty ideas are dread falls and hair extensions. You can look around for clip in hair extensions, cut them to the doll's length of hair, and pop them in! You can make dread falls out of yarn or PVC pipe. Plus, many other materials, too. Read the related articles on hair falls and dread falls for more pointers.
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    Get some good accessories.
    • Hair accessories are nice and can totally be personalized. Buy small bows and hair ties if you can find them. Little flowers and ribbons look nice too. Dig around in your doll's accessories and clothing for some materials to make accessories out of.
    • Makeup! If you want eyeliner, use a permanent marker with a fine tip to line their eyes. Eyeshadow can work, but rubs off easily. Try a thick tip sharpie for eyeshadow. These can be any color you want. If you want lipstick, again... the sharpie. A few materials for white foundation are costume makeup, read foundation, white lip gloss, white out, or acrylic paint.
    • Piercings and tattoos are a personal choice. If you think it's a little overused, feel free to skip this step. Pins are the best way to go for facial piercings. Simply just push a pin into her head where you want it, and voila! You can pierce her eyebrow, nose, lip, cheek and chin. Also go for ears, navel, and body piercings. As for tattoos, draw your own on with a sharpie, or if you aren't the artsy type, then use temporary stick on tattoos.
    • Paint her nails with a fine tip sharpie.
    • Now for the tops. You can probable just take any old Barbie top and build from there. Use any lace, fishnet, pins, safety pins, fabric paint, beads, string, yarn, PVC pipe, cloth, leather, old shirts, fur, and anything else you can find. Personalize it and make it her own!
    • As far as pants go, basically the same for the tops. Take any old skirt or pair of pants. Cut a slit through the skirt and have some fabric poking out. or maybe sew a little lace on the ends. Or maybe a few buttons or rips on them.
    • You're probably going to want accessories, am I right? Fishnets, lace and stockings are your best friends as far as the hosiery goes. You can make gloves and stockings out of those for your doll. Make her some jewelry! Cut a chain and get a charm on it. Make her a choker out of a cat collar. Use your imagination and be creative!
    • As far as shoes go, you can find a pair of boots or combat boots online. If not, personalize a pair of her shoes/boots with chains or lace.


  • Look at hardware stores, dollar stores, craft stores, thrift stores, toy stores, Ebay, Amazon, online stores and the mall for materials and tools.
  • You can find powdered hair dye at most beauty supply stores.
  • Try asking family or friends for help with sewing and dying hair.
  • When cutting hair, make sure you have an idea of what you are cutting first. Remember: it won't grow back.
  • When cutting the hair remember to try to cut the hair according to the way it sits. Some dolls hair will not stay if you change the parting.
  • Tattoos could be: skulls, crescent moon, bat, spider, ghost, a goth word, broken heart, etc.
  • Names for the new doll could be: Ivy, Coraline, Zelda, Ryan, Bertha, Genevieve, Emily, etc.
  • If you are planning to cut the dolls hair, wait for the hair to dry first before cutting it.
  • Office supply stores sell sharpies in almost every color.


  • Be very careful with makeup and nail polish. If you use makeup, you can use makeup remover to change it later. If you use a sharpie, you can't change it later. Again, have an idea in mind.
  • Hair dye will stain. Make sure to wear gloves!

Things You'll Need

  • Rubber Gloves
  • Hair Dye
  • Lace/Fishnet/Stockings
  • Sharpies
  • Makeup (Or Makeup Substitutes)
  • Doll
  • Scissors/Razor Comb
  • Doll Clothing
  • Clothing Making Materials

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