How to Make a Good Quiz on Quizilla

You want to get your quiz on the Ultimate list on Quizilla? The best way is to make a fun, original quiz that will get rated 5 stars by everyone who reads it.


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    Go on Quizilla.his), become familiar with the website and its features; take a few quizzes to see how it works.
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    Register. You must be registered in order to be able to create a quiz. To register, click on the Register button under the Log In section and fill in the required information. You will be asked for your email address because an activation email must be sent to you to activate your account; otherwise you can't log in, even if you've supposedly created an account. Retrieve the email and follow the link provided in it, that will activate your account. Log in afterwards.
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    Click on the "Create" button under the Quizzes category to begin. There are a lot of things you can write on Quizilla (for example stories and lyrics), but quizzes are the most popular and the easiest to create.
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    Choose Personality Quiz when you're asked to select a quiz type. Under the Quizzes category, you can create either a quiz or a test. Choose Personality Quiz for something that tells the quiz taker something about themselves, for example "What kind of student are you?". Choose Test if the topic of the quiz is something measurable, or if you want to test the reader's knowledge on a certain topic ("How much do you know about The Beatles?"). However, it's recommendable to start making tests only after you're familiar with quizzes; besides, this article is only about quizzes.
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    Think of a topic you want to write about. The topic must be either very interesting or very popular, for it to have many views. Check the Ultimate list and the Most Popular list for ideas.
    • Don't make a quiz on an overused subject; if there are too many quizzes of the same type, then it's very unlikely to have many people take it. The list of overused subjects include:
      • Naruto quizzes (sorry Naruto fans, but the topic is way too popular on Quizilla for a particular Naruto quiz to be distinct);
      • Teen subculture quizzes- the "Are you a prep, a jock, a nerd, a goth/emo, a scene kid or a skater?" quizzes; they're even considered insulting when the author seems to part with one subculture or another and you may even receive hate mail if the reader didn't get the desired/expected result;
      • Subjects most teens are desperate to find out about: the "Are you popular?" or the "Does your crush like you back?" quizzes- you may write about this only if you follow some rules mentioned further in the article;
    • Also, don't make personally related quizzes. It's very unlikely that the person who takes the quiz is extremely interested in a random user of a website. Still, Quizilla abounds in quizzes like "Would I date you?", "Which one of my friends/classmates are you?", "How much like me are you?" and so on. If you want readers to find out about you, post info about you on your user page.
    • If you want to write about a subject that is highly subjective, such as "Are you beautiful?", don't insult the reader in the results if their results don't match your beauty standards; you don't even know if they answered the questions honestly. Even a worse mistake many people make is to make all the questions to an "Are you beautiful?" quiz lead to the same result, saying that everyone is beautiful in their own way. If you do so, why on earth did you even make the quiz in the first place?! The results are meant to be informative and as accurate as possible.
    • Be original. There are things people want to find out about their personality, which they don't even think about until someone comes up with the bright idea to make a quiz about it. Use your imagination; brainstorm anything that can be considered interesting and original. Some examples are:
      • Quizzes that correlate the reader with some kind of object/holiday/place/movie etc.
      • Quizzes that are related to somebody's subconscious, dreams, positive and negative traits; possible interpretations of those things;
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    Choose a title for your quiz. By now, you must have already thought of the subject you want to write about. Formulate the title of the quiz as a question- for example, "How popular are you?" or "What color suits your personality?". Capitalize each word of the title, to make it look more professional. Stick to the question; additional info like "nice pics in results!" or "the ultimate quiz!!!" or any other words meant to attract the reader's attention, are simply pointless and annoying.
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    Write a brief introduction to your quiz. Here you can mention the pictures in the results or such things. Write here everything the reader needs to know about the quiz, things you couldn't mention in the title. The introduction must be pretty short; don't make it unnecessarily long.
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    Make a plan of your quiz before you begin writing it. This proves very helpful later; making a quiz without planning it before often results in having the three components of a quiz (questions, answers and results) not correspond with each other. You'll need to plan the quiz in this order: write the results first, the questions second and the answers third, because you will have to write the questions depending on the results and the answers depending on the questions.
    • Remember that the number of results must be approximately as big as the number of answers for each question, because in the end you'll have to correlate each answer to the result.
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    Write the results first. As stated above, you need to write the results first because you will be guided by them when making questions. The results must be related to the idea/title of the quiz. If the title is, for example, "How popular are you?", then the results will be like "The most popular in your school" (Result 1), "Popular" (Result 2), "Somehow popular" (Result 3), "Not very popular" (Result 4) and "The class loner" (Result 5). Remember: When it says "Result #(number of result)" you only write the title of the result; you will detail it further in the "Description" section. This is very important.
    • Add pictures to your results. If you go on Quizilla very often, it's more than likely that you have seen thousands of pictures in other quizzes' results- just save every single one of them in your computer. Soon you'll have a huge arsenal of pictures ready to use for your own results. However, try to find pictures yourself or personalize those you already have, since it's a more original choice. Try not to put anime pictures; they're overused.
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    • Give advice in the results, if you think it's necessary. Especially if it's a "How (random adjective) are you?" quiz, then you'll have to give some advice in the results. You can even use advice from wikiHow!
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    Create the questions the reader must answer in order to get a result. The questions and their answers are the heart of the whole quiz. Your quiz should contain 5 to 15 questions; any less than that is too brief and incomplete and any more than that is boring and unnecessarily long. Be careful not to make a question too long, otherwise it may not appear complete in the quiz; more precisely, a question should not exceed 260 characters; the 261st character will not appear in the question. Before the site was updated, there was no character limit for questions or answers, but this allowed the creation of chain letters, so the administrators decided to set a character limit.
    • Don't make questions too predictable; try to be subtle. A quiz loses its charm if the quiz takers know what result they will get from the very moment they read the first question.
    • Don't add personal reference to your questions. For example, don't make the question like, "Do you like dogs? (I hate dogs, I don't know how come you can stand them, if you can)". The reader doesn't really care about your own personal opinion. Same with results. Example: Question: "What's your favorite color?"; Your answer:"Pink (You prep! I hate pink!") or "Black (me too! You rock!)". Remember the quiz is all about the reader, not you.
    • Careful when writing a role-play situation (RP) as a question. Role-plays are imaginary situations the readers must put themselves into, and think how they would react.
      • First of all, role-plays are usually long. Especially if you're not sure if your role-play would fit into the 260-character limit, don't add unnecessary descriptions to the question (for example, don't put "RP time!" at the beginning of the sentence; just write it right as it is).
      • Be realistic. Unless you're making a quiz on fantasy, stick to the possible, to real life situations the readers can find themselves in. For example, if the RP is "You see a little kid being bullied by a few thugs. What do you do?", don't put answers like "I use my magic wand to turn them into frogs", since no human being can do such a thing.
    • Avoid asking the dreaded "What's your favorite color?" question. Everybody who has been around Quizilla for quite a while purely hates it. It's used at almost every freaking quiz.
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    Add suitable answers to your questions. Give each question a few results; write at least 3 results for each question. The answers must stick both to the questions and to the corresponding results; that's why making suitable answers is perhaps the most difficult thing in making a quiz.
    • Keep in mind that, when writing the answers, you have two choices: you can make a question either single-select or multi-select. It's advisable that you only put multi-select questions when the nature of the question requires it; otherwise only use single-select, because an all-multi-select-question quiz will mess up the results.
    • Always give an intermediary answer to a yes/no question or to a "how much" question; quiz takers will often stop taking the quiz if they see they haven't got more than two choices for each result.
    • Add logical answers to each question. Random answers may seem fun, but they're often completely irrelevant to the results.
    • Careful! The character limit for answers is twice as small as the one for questions: 130 characters. You may have problems respecting it.
    • The Right Amount of answers compared to results. (I.E. 3 results = 3 answers with every question.) The points lead to different results depending on the amount of points for each answer.
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    Link each answer to a result. There is a "Select or create result" box in front of each answer. Choose one result for each corresponding answer. That's why it's recommended to put the same number of results and answers per question in your quiz- so that each answer at a question will have a corresponding result.
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    Save your quiz (click on "Save as Draft"), then click on the "Next" button at the bottom of the screen. Now your quiz is created. Good. You're now at the "Options" screen. In the Security section, you have a few options by which you can restrict access to your quizzes. It can be viewed by either everybody (recommended), your friends (meaning other users of Quizilla you've added as friends), or only people who know the password (case in which you must set a password). You can also have a few options related to what others may do with your quiz: you can allow or deny other users to comment your quiz, to share it with others on their myspace, and to view all results (check Yes; people often like to see what they might have gotten if they checked other answers). In the second section, you can tag the quiz to categorize it alongside other (more or less) related quizzes. Try to be as specific as you can in tagging. Again, save it.
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    Take pride in creating your first quiz on Quizilla! Preview it if you want to. Now, wait for other people to take it and comment on your work.


  • Always, always, always use proper spelling, punctuation and grammar. This cannot be stressed enough. It's the only thing that distinguishes you from the mass of stupid preteens that seem to have taken over Quizilla. Writing lyk dis (like this) or tYpInG LiKe tHiS (typing like this) will not get you spiritually closer to those kids.
  • Remember that Quizilla is mainly a website for teenagers. Of course, you can publish stuff on Quizilla even if you're older, but acknowledge that the majority of the users and/or visitors will not enjoy quizzes related strictly to "grown-up stuff" (like work, finance, marriage, being a parent and so on). Write about subjects that concern teenagers; they especially need advice from an older, more experienced person on their everyday life problems.
  • Make a so-called "Quizilla Notebook" and note down all the quiz ideas that come to your mind when you're not on the computer. Carry it with you at school/work.
  • Careful when making overly popular quizzes like "What type of girl are you?". If you search Quizilla a bit and take some quizzes with the same name, you will see that the questions and answers are mainly the same. If you really want to make a quiz on that topic, try not to include those questions; find another type of questions the reader must answer. To sum it up, make every quiz of yours somehow distinct from the mass of other quizzes with the same title; the readers will appreciate your originality and rate high.
  • Be serious. Just because joke topics are not deleted from Quizilla just like they are from wikiHow, it doesn't mean you should write a quiz on one. Respect the same rules when choosing what to write about as there are on wikiHow (mainly)- no joke topics, no sarcastic tone, no sexually charged content, no advertisement, no mean-spirited content and so on.


  • Never ask the reader to rate and message at the end of a quiz; or worse, put "Will you rate and message?" as the last question, therefore having such a trivial thing influence the reader's result. It's the lamest thing to do on Quizilla. If the person liked your quiz, they will rate; if not, they won't rate. It's as simple as that; no need to beg for rating and messaging.
  • The "Save as Draft" button may not always work when you press it. It is possible to create your quiz in one setting and then publish it immediately, and you can even have a password so that no one will be able to view your quiz until you have manually removed the password.
  • Some people get annoyed by the same old "What's your favorite color?" question. You can still use this as a question, it's an easy way to help get the quiz over with and come on, it's become a Quizilla tradition!

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