How to Make a Good Impression on Your wikiHow User Page

Your wikiHow user page is the place where many people will get their first impression of you. You might be nervous about this - how do you make your user page tasteful and interesting? How do you get people to see you positively from the first? This article will help you with these concerns and teach you to make a great user page.


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    Choose the right avatar. A great avatar will both express who you are and give a positive impression to anyone who sees it. Consider your interests and personality and work from there. For instance, if you love cats, you could use a silly-looking cat as your avatar. Remember, too, the avatar rules that you need to follow:
    • Make sure your avatar follows wikiHow policies. (No hate, adult/suggestive content, profanity, insensitivity, etc.)
    • Use a picture you took/made yourself or a non-copyrighted image of someone else's.
    • Nobody you are trying to imitate.
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    Tell a little about yourself. In the space below your avatar and username, you can type in a bio or similar information. Give others an impression of who you are in a few lines; many people will scroll past a wall of text. Be friendly, polite, and respectful; other users will consider you more approachable that way! Here are some ideas if you aren't sure what to type.
    • your interests/hobbies
    • what you do around wikiHow
    • how you use your abilities to help wikiHow
    • pets
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    Design your user page. With a bit of coding, your user page can be attractive and colorful. If you don't know how to code design elements, ask another user if they can help. Even if they don't know, they might be able to tell you about someone who does.
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    Add UIBs and fun things. User info boxes (UIBs) are little boxes (as the name suggests) that tell something about you. They can be added to your page with a simple template. There are dozens of them . Topics range from favorite color to wikiHow team membership. Other templates allow you to add mood meters, friend lists, and other fun things. Templates for your user page are .
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    Be careful not to go overboard. Sometimes you stumble upon a page with a huge block of multicolor neon text. Don't let that be your page. Keep colors toned down so they are legible (and not painful to the eyes). Don't give a bio as long as War and Peace. Some bullet points with facts about you, a friend list, and a few pictures will hold a reader's interest and give them a first idea of who you are.


  • Don't mention personal information, like your address or phone number.

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