How to Make a Good Impression on the First Day of School

Three Parts:Being PreparedStarting the DayWhen in Class

School is a place you spend nine months in during each year of your childhood. You want to give a good impression if you want to be liked. All impressions start on the first day of school. Here are some ways to be confident, reassuring, and smart on the first day of school.

Part 1
Being Prepared

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    Pack it all. Before school starts, make sure you're ready. Stock up on good quality school supplies. Start with a binder. Your binder reflects your personality, so get a good, durable one. Fit the supplies nicely with your binder. Buy supplies that match your style (plaid, striped, solid, marble, themed, whatever). Make sure all your supplies match and don't clash.
    • If you don't have a list of school supplies yet, bring a pen and some paper along. Also bring a book along in case your teachers want a silent period, so you have something to do.
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    Finesse your style. Appearance wise, go for your own style. A bubbly look is by far the most popular, and if you're a girl, start with nails. Most schools allow nail color, so try a splattered look, a marbled look, an M&M design, or Michelle Phan's waterlily nails. If you have a uniform, find loopholes by trying different hair accessories, necklaces, earrings, or scarves. If you don't have a uniform, try to match your clothes to your nails and accessories.
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    Come in clean with neat, unwrinkled clothing. Try to look neat but cool at same time. If you don't know the dress code yet, be sensible . Think logically about what you probably wouldn't be allowed to wear, like mini skirts or really short shorts. Be well-groomed with neat hair and nails, and brush your teeth. Before the first day, try to get a manicure and a pedicure. You can do your own at home as well, but try to pick out a softer, school appropriate color.
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    Make sure you know where parking and entrances are. Try to memorize or write down where your classes are so you won't be late in the future. If you carry a binder, put your schedule in the clear pocket.

Part 2
Starting the Day

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    Be confident. Walk into school with your head held high, smile on your face, walk with nice even steps, at an appropriate pace, and look like you're ready for school to start.
    • When you first walk in, be confident and act like you belong, but don't be cocky, rude or arrogant. Never the best start.
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    Act friendly. Even if none of your friends are in the class, try to socialize with people you think could be potential friends. If you don't like someone, try to be nice. You don't want to start a rivalry with someone on the first day of school.
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    Smile often. This sets people at ease and helps them to warm to you.

Part 3
When in Class

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    Turn off your cell phone and don't use it in class.
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    Exhibit interest and try not to look bored.
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    Show diligence. As soon as you enter your tutor room (registration room/home room) take a seat straight away - it would be best to sit close to or in front. That way you show that you are interested in what you're learning.
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    Pay close attention to your teachers. Listen closely to everything they say and write down things like classroom, homework policy, and testing expectations. If they ask any questions, try to raise your hand so that your teacher will remember you as someone who participates in class.
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    Don't talk when you're not supposed to be talking. Be respectful when others are talking.
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    Show your talents. Show your strengths to your friends and classmates. If you are a good singer, pick out some fabulous songs during holidays and sing them to your friends on the first day of school.
    • Don't overdo it. For example, if you force your classmates to listen to your songs they will get bored. Don't sing for them if they don't want to hear it or they may avoid you.
    • Do not be arrogant, your awesome talents may not be appreciated if you come on too strong. Do not be rude or you may make enemies.


  • Consider carrying mints to keep your breath fresh.
  • If you don't know the school rules yet, play it safe. There's a big chance that you're not allowed to run in the halls or skateboard on school property.
  • Style your hair for school - it will make you feel and look great. Try to get a haircut about two weeks before starts, so you have time to grow comfortable in your new haircut. It's risky to get your haircut the night before; you could hate it, which will lower your confidence, or it could look terrible, and first impressions are important.
  • Make friends and have some fun!
  • Get your facts straight, if your having a conversation don't make anything up it'll make a terrible impression on anyone you're trying to befriend. It's ok, to say I don't know, please tell me. People will be more likely to trust you and believe you when you talk about something you do know.
  • Try to make as many friends as you can but make sure you try to get friends that are good influences.
  • A good conversation starter is asking about their summer. Don't be shy, either.
  • Sometime during the summer, visit the school and learn your way around.
  • Do not play any pranks on your teachers. You may think it's an attempt to break the ice; they'll just see it as "one of those kids that will hate learning," causing the student-teacher relationship to have a rocky start.
  • Watch the news. Teachers are likely to discuss current events.
  • Try to do something over the summer so that you have an answer prepared for when a teacher asks you how your vacation was.
  • Be proud of who you are and don't be shy; it's very likely that there are others with the same interests.
  • Also, ask your teachers questions! Not necessarily the first day, but it will show that you were listening to their lecture or assignment and show interest!
  • If a teacher seems mean, don't say anything. Don't say anything more than hello unless they ask you a question or comment.
  • Before school starts, go through your notes from last year, in case one of your teachers wants to surprise you with a pop quiz. This usually never happens so don't stress!
  • Some schools assign seats. Make the most of it. In these settings, seats often rotate until people settle down. Try to get a front seat to both show your interest and make it easier to pay attention.
  • Avoid sitting in the circle table. This table often blocks your view.
  • If you're a shy and insecure kid, try your hardest to make new friends and socialise with each other. Who knows you might become popular!
  • Smile!
  • Try to help a teacher and don't say no to them when they want your help. Go first to help them.
  • If you're starting at a new school and don't have friends yet, just be yourself.
  • Make sure you don't yell out a answer or talk back it the teacher!
  • Try to stay organized! By staying organized you'll feel more confident and will be able to keep track of homework, assignments, etc.
  • When entering class you can try sitting next to a friend who you won't talk to unless told.
  • Show your friends that you are smart and not a boring, average person. Show them that you love to learn, especially to your teachers.
  • Always smile, as it makes you feel confident and look more friendly!
  • Just be your style but if you really wanna make an impression, use those colognes,try some of the trending fashion and more but don't change who you really are because if you're not yourself even your $100 outfit would look like junk.Remember,comfort is first to fashion.
  • Don't be in people faces. Don't try to be someone you're not and remember that if people call you names just ignore them.
  • Do not gossip about others, as this could make people not want to be friends with you.


  • Never, never, never build a false personality for yourself. Being yourself is the best impression you can make. Not only will people call you a poser, but you won't feel good about yourself.
  • Make sure you get all your homework done.
  • Don't count entirely on your first impressions of teachers and students, especially when describing them to someone else. You'll have to work with these people all year, so try to get along and don't spread rumors.
  • If you don't take notes on what the teacher is saying, you could find yourself in trouble and starting to lose interest in class.
  • Don't swear, it makes a horrible impression. Not just from teachers either.
  • If you get a detention slip on your first day - don't freak out. It could make things worse. Try not to get one, though.
  • Some schools don't allow candy or gum. Avoid bringing it to school unless you're certain that you're allowed to.

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