How to Make a Good Forum Game

There have been many good forum games on the Internet. Some weren't so great. If you want tips to start a fun game on the Internet, then read the steps that follow.


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    Get Internet access. Even though you do have the Internet and are reading this, let's say there aren't people with Internet. A forum online requires this.
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    Create an account on a website that allows threads, such as Facebook, Chatterbox, wikiHow, etc.
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    Do research. This may sound simple, and sometimes it is. Look into how the greatest threads on the web go on for long periods of time. See how they have a topic interesting enough to encourage people to always want to continue posting.
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    Start your thinking. You don't want to steal other people's ideas, no matter how good they are. Sit down and think of the research you did.
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    Ask yourself a question. Ask yourself, "Should my game be about...or maybe...but this also sounds good...." Just sit and think about it for as long as necessary.
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    Once you have a good idea, then you don't have to be shy about it. Don't be afraid if it won't be good enough or if it's too stupid to talk about. Just think to yourself, "Did this person get scared posting to this popular thread? Was this person shy when they posted this little?" Stay inspired in your idea and let it be free for people to explore.
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    Once it's out there, don't start posting a lot. In games, others like to participate, and in gossip, people never post quadruple posts, just long ones. But don't just abandon it! At least keep it alive by posting on it every so often so people know you still like your thread. Be careful not to abandon it.
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    Be ready when and if the topic dies down. Most of the time, people never get committed to a forum for very long periods of time. Some forums can last for years, and they have. But it will eventually be in the past and you have to move on. So be thinking of the next big game for all to enjoy, despite its lifespan.


  • Always think in your point of view. Ask yourself, "What do I like?"
  • Have a good tone when introducing the topic of choice.
  • Be mindful of what kind of audience you want when introducing a topic.
  • Don't post more than necessary and vice versa.


  • Never post anything that might get you in trouble. Don't post racist, religious, sexual, or personal slurs. It is hurtful and will get you in a lot of trouble. So be very careful what you put out there; you can't take it back.

Things You'll Need

  • Internet access (required)
  • A computer or other type of browser (required)
  • Pencil and paper (optional)

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