How to Make a Girl Feel Special

Three Parts:Complimenting HerShowing Her You CareGoing the Extra Mile

Every girl wants to feel like she's a special and unique treasure to her guy. How do you show her that she really is special to you? Nothing impresses a woman more than a guy treating her as his princess.

Part 1
Complimenting Her

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    Balance out your compliments. Girls love compliments, and no wonder: They tell her that you really care, and they make her feel good about herself. Compliment her on both her looks and her personality, and she'll feel like she's the whole package in your eyes. Try not to tell her she's "fit" or "hot," however, because that sounds plain and generic. Don't over-compliment a girl, either, because you might alarm her, or give the impression that you want something from her in return for your kindness.
    • Tell her that she's "beautiful," "pretty," or "gorgeous" instead. These words are a lot more heartfelt, and they have a little extra emotion behind them.
    • Compliment aspects of her personality, too. Girls want to feel pretty on the outside and the inside. Sincere compliments about her personality let her understand that you like her for who she is deep down inside:
      • "Every time we're alone, you remind me of how fun it is to just do nothing together."
      • "You are as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside."
      • "You make me want to be a better person every single day."
      • "When I look at you, I know what it's like to feel completely safe and comfortable around someone."
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    Give her good, honest, unique compliments. It's a good idea to have a few basic compliments to give your girl every once in a while, but it's also a good idea to take something totally unique about her and let her know that you love it, or at least appreciate it.
    • Maybe you're mesmerized by her eyes. Tell her what her eyes remind you of: "I love the way your shirt brings out the color of your eyes; it's such a contrast."
    • Perhaps you love the way her hair frames her facial features: "Your hair is so soft and silky; it really is a perfect match for your eyes and your lips."
    • What if you get tingly inside when she laughs? "Your giggle is about as cute as it can get. It puts me in such happy mood."
    • Finally, maybe say something about her generosity. Many women are naturally born to be motherly and nurturing; if you say something about her kindness or generosity, it should hit home: "You've taught me what it means to be kind and what it feels to be looked after. I hope I can do the same for you."
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    Show her unexpected affection. Giving a girl the right compliment when she expects it is great, but giving her the right compliment when it's unexpected is even better. Pick a time when you two are together to think about what you love/respect/admire about her and let her know out of the blue.
    • When she's not expecting it, wrap your arm around her, squeeze her gently, kiss her cheek, neck, or forehead, and tell her something heartfelt about how she makes you feel. Look her in the eyes when you deliver the compliment. She'll melt like an ice-cube in an inferno.
    • Tell her that she's your first priority and that you would do whatever it takes to keep her happy when she needs it. Don't just say it; be prepared to do it! Girls won't respect you if you say one thing and do another.
    • Send her text messages like or call her unexpectedly. This will let her know that she is on your mind. Spread it out so that each call or text is a heart-warming surprise, not so much that she comes to expect it. Texts you can send her out of the blue:
      • "I miss you; was just thinking about you..."
      • "You really got me loving what we have together."
      • "Just stopping by to say 'Hi.' I wish I could be kissing you right now."

Part 2
Showing Her You Care

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    Go to fun places with her. Spend time with her at the park, come with her when she goes shopping, take her to the beach....There are lots of places you can take her to make her feel comfortable and loved.
    • Do fun and exciting things together. This has two benefits: First, it will show her that you want her to be involved in your life's journeys; second, the adventure will help you bond together by releasing a chemical (called 'oxytocin') that's responsible for feelings of love[1].
    • Show that you care by taking part in the things that she loves doing. Going to see a chick flick, even if you think it will be boring, will tell her that you care about her needs, and not just your own. Even if you don't enjoy doing it, try to make it look like you're into it. It's best to be honest that you do not enjoy the movie but you are still willing to watch it with her to show you will be there for her; she'll appreciate the effort and love you've shown her.
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    Show her how proud you are to be with her in public. Do not save affection for only private moments; show the rest of the world how you feel about her. She'll feel like she makes you a lucky guy, which you are. Kiss her cheek or massage her hand when you are in public. Hold her close when introducing her to one of you friends.
    • If she uses social media a lot, show your relationship publicly through social media. Post photos of the two of you, tag her at places, change your relationship status. Show her you are publicly committed to the relationship and that you are proud to show her off. However, if she is a very private person, this may make her uncomfortable.
    • Don't be afraid to introduce her as your girlfriend if she is. She might be a little put off if you just introduce her using her name. If you haven't made it clear whether you two are boyfriend and girlfriend, stick to introducing her by name.
    • Don't let go of her hand when another boy or girl walks by. She'll think that you're embarrassed to be with her, or that you're trying to impress another girl. If you're holding hands, wait for a good moment to break contact. When another girl is around, make sure your girl feels as if she's the only one.
    • For her birthday or your anniversary, do something nice for her in public. Get or bake a cake for her birthday, or give her a card for your anniversary. Do one public thing for her and one private.
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    Talk to her and explore her personality. Digging deeper and getting to know her likes and dislikes is a huge step in making her feel special. Lots of guys never bother to get really close to a girl because they're only interested in having a physical relationship. Don't be the guy who doesn't know very much about his girlfriend or forgets what she likes and dislikes.
    • Ask her about her hobbies and find out what she's passionate about. Everyone is passionate about something, even if it's buried deep down inside. Find out what she loves to do more than anything else. Figure out what she likes about it. Try to understand it and be interested in it.
    • Ask lots of questions. Ask her about her childhood, her parents and siblings, her goals, her fears and desires, along with her likes and dislikes. The more you know about her, the better you can comfort her when she's down, inspire her when she's stuck, or calm her when she's stressed.
    • Practice listening. Don't tune her out. No matter what she has to say, listen, analyze with her, and offer an informed opinion if you have one. If you don't have an opinion, you can tell her that, saying that you're there for her when she needs to think things through.
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    Be patient. On occasion, she may cause you to think What am I doing, this is crazy?! This is definitely not normal. Well, you're getting used to a new normal, and it's going to force you to be patient. She'll thank you for it.
    • If she is late or forgets something, wait patiently for her. Try to be understanding. Don't make her feel guilty, especially if the first word she says is "Sorry." Who knows — one day, the tables could be turned and she might be waiting for you.
    • Let her win the argument. Sometimes, it's best to just let her win the argument. Stand up for yourself and what you believe in, but learn when to back down and let her win. You'll get more in the long run.
    • Listen to her criticisms. No one wants to feel criticized, but you're going to have to compromise if you want to succeed in relationships. So take what she says to heart, try to change whatever is fixable, and show her that you're in it for the long run.

Part 3
Going the Extra Mile

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    Be there when she needs it. If your princess turns into a damsel in distress, you're going to need to be by her side during her time of need. Whether it's a sliver in her toe, a schoolyard bully, or a serious illness in the family, stick by her side to show her that one of your biggest goals is making sure she's safe and secure.
    • If she's sad, ask her how you can make it better. Don't just sit there and say "I'm sorry," staring blankly at the wall. Girls want guys who can make them happy when they are down, who can cheer them up with a little bit of humor when the going gets tough. Try your best to liven up her spirits.
    • Stick up for her when she needs it. If she gets insulted, called ugly, or otherwise threatened, be there to protect her. Tell the offender that you'd never let her sit there and take negative remarks like that. Don't start a fight, but don't let other people push you or your girlfriend around.
    • No matter what is happening in your lives, be by her side. Comfort her that you are there to support her in every moment. Girls want the security of knowing that if something does happen, she won't have to worry about you jumping ship. Reassure her you're there to stay.
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    Be romantic with her. You may not think you're the romantic type, but you should know a little bit about how to be romantic if you want to go the extra mile. Romance, for girls, should be like the movies: Everything should be slightly over the top (but not cheesy), a reminder of the effort that you'll go to in order to make her feel special.
    • Find out what her favorite flower is and send her a bunch. If you're at the grocery store together, ask her casually what kind of flowers look good, and then take note. Remember that different flowers "mean" different things: While red roses mean love and romance, white roses mean friendship.
    • Surprise her with a date. The mere fact that you went out of your way to arrange a surprise date is often enough. Your date doesn't have to be elaborate. Tell her to meet you somewhere or pick her up yourself. Pretend you're doing something boring, like chores, and then surprise her with the date — like a movie, a cooking class, a picnic somewhere remote. She might jump into your arms or look you lovingly in the eyes.
    • Make something for her. It's a good idea to give her signs of your love, like cards, or jewelry, or flowers. But what if you want to take your signs of affection to the next level? You should definitely make her something with your own hands. The more personal it is, and the more energy you put into it, the better.
      • Make her a relationship journal. Buy a nice, blank journal. Write about when you first met her, all the first dates, and how she made you feel. Include pictures and other mementos, like movie stubs. Tell her that you want to take turns writing in the journal.
      • Make her a collage of all the mementos you saved from the relationship. Save brochures, tickets, stubs, receipts, and pictures that mean something to both of you. Tape or glue them to a nice poster board and give it to her.
      • Make her a video of yourself. It doesn't need to be fancy — a Facebook video will do. Tell her how she makes you feel; what you love about her; what you were thinking when you first met her. Set all of this to music and send it to her.
      • Do something for her parents. Maybe her mom needs help organizing a silent auction. Volunteer to be a busboy, or help out with ticket sales. Your girlfriend will be overjoyed that you're getting to know her family and you'd do something selfless for them.
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    Do the small things. Going the extra mile doesn't have to mean some grand, romantic gesture we see in the movies or hear about in stories. Often, the really small things mean just as much, provided you do them with feeling.
    • Sing romantic songs to her, even if your voice is horrible. Have a song that's yours. Even if you butcher it, the singing can be an opportunity for both of you to laugh.
    • Take lots of pictures with her. She'll find it heartwarming to look at you standing next to her, smiling. It also makes for a nice keepsake to make her know you'll remember her and the fun you shared.
    • Find ways to send or leave little notes and symbols of endearment that will remind her of fun times you have shared together. A simple, handwritten note goes a long way.
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    Love her for who she is and what her beliefs are because those are unlikely to change anytime soon. It's the easiest thing to say and the hardest thing to do, but it's true: Love her for who she is, despite her failures, because she loves you in the same way too.
    • Forgive her. So she makes a mistake? So what? Everyone makes mistakes, but it's the way they bounce back from their mistakes that show you who they really are. If she apologizes, is honest and genuinely sorry, try to forgive her. Chances are she'll go the same for you.
    • Respect her. Don't talk down to her, manipulate her, or say bad things when she isn't around. Treat her like a gentleman should treat a lady. Be respectful of her time, her effort, her beliefs. You'll earn her trust very quickly.
    • Get along with her friends, even if you don't like them. Her friends play an important part in her life; she wants them to get along with you, and you to get along with them.
    • Make an effort with her family. Her family is most likely the core of her happiness. If she has a great relationship with her family, try to respectfully become a part of that community when they let you in.


  • Always let her know how much you love her. It's not important to love her materially, just be with her always especially when she's in burden and she'll know you really love her!
  • Protect her from anything and everything that tries to harm her.
  • Be attentive. Always listen to her completely.
  • Always make eye contact.
  • Take your time don't rush things
  • Always let her know how you feel because she will feel more wanted.
  • Don't talk about other girls all that much right in front of her, as it may really make her feel unwanted and even a little jealous.
  • Always reply to her texts, e-mails and messages on MSN/AIM and always call her back.
  • Don't bring sex into the relationship too early because that might make her feel like you only want her for pleasure.
  • First go buy a dozen of her favorite flowers. Then (optional) some rose petals and chocolates now wait until she is gone (out of the house for a bit) write a note telling her you want to do a scavenger hunt and place the note where she will see it when she opens the door, or if you got rose petals put the petals in the shape of an arrow pointing to the note. Make sure on the first note you put a good clue to where she can find the second note and place 1 of the 12 flowers you bought for her next to each note; keep doing this until you are on the 11th note but don't make the hints too hard for her. Have the 11th note tell her to open the front/back door where you will be waiting with the last note a flower in one hand and the chocolates (if you got them) in the other. As soon as she opens the door kiss her then without saying a word give her the note that should say how much you love her and how beautiful she is. After she reads the note give her the flower and the chocolate if you got it. This is perfect for special occasions.
  • If she says you are being too clingy, then back off. She's worth the wait and will most likely appreciate you more when she comes back if you do so.
  • Warning. Too much of the above will make you come across as needy - instant turn off for girls.
  • Always talk to each other even if its about little things.
  • Give her complements like: "God was showing off when he made you"

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