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Jeremiah was a bullfrog and now you can be too! Whether your child is in the next school play or just in need of a great Halloween costume, wikiHow has lots of ideas on making and customizing a frog costume that's right for your needs. Just get started with Step 1 below.

Part 1
Head Pieces

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    Use a headband. You can make a headband with frog eyes, in order to get that froggy look. Get some styrofoam balls and paint them with thick white paint (this will make them look less like styrofoam). Then paint black pupils in. Then cover the whole thing in a shiny glaze, like Modge Podge. Next, get a green headband and the use hot glue to attach the eyeballs.
    • If you have trouble getting the eyes to stay on the headband or if you don't like the super cartoony look, you can make them look more realistic by cutting off the bottom 1/5th of the ball and making a flat surface to glue down.
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    Use a hood. Another method is to put the eyes on top of a green hood, such as a hood on a hoodie sweatshirt. Make the eyes as directed above. Then get some green felt. Cut an oval which is wider than the ball and almost twice as long. Make four of these ovals, and then cut the ends off of two of them to create eyelids. Glue the eyeballs onto the oval and then glue the eyes on top. The whole eye structure can be hand sewn onto a hood.
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    Use a baseball cap. You can also use a baseball cap or other hat. Straight gluing like what's listed in step 1 or the eyelids method listed in step 2 would both work. Do whichever you prefer! The flattened eyeball does work better in this instance though, so have a knife on hand to cut the styrofoam.

Part 2
Making Flippers

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    Make flipper bracelets. Frogs have little webbed hands, which you might want to recreate for your costume. An easy way to do this is to trace the shape of the hands onto felt with an extra horizontal strip of felt attached at the wrist. Cut this shape out and then use velcro on the ends of the strip to create bracelets! This can be used to make hand and foot covers for your costume.
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    Use gloves instead. Another option is to use regular knit gloves. Get green gloves and then cut triangles of felt to fit between the fingers. Put on plastic gloves, then put on the knit gloves. Next, glue the felt into place on the knit glove and let it dry. The plastic gloves will help keep the glue from getting on your fingers or from sealing the finger holes closed by leaking through.
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    Try arm warmers or sleeves. This method is similar to the first method. Simply draw and cut out some froggy hands on felt and then glue or sew them on the underside of some green arm warmers or the sleeve of a sweater, just past the hem. This makes them easier to get out of the way if you need your hands.

Part 3
Body Suits

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    Use regular clothes. Get some tight fitting green clothes, such as skinny jeans or leggings and a tee shirt. You can leave these in the green color they are, or you can use spray paint to get a realistic texture to the "skin". Spray on a white belly, a darker color and the back, and maybe even some spots!
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    Use a pajama onesie. A pajama suit or footed pajamas in a green color make a great frog costume. Don't feel like this is only for kids though: you can easily find adult pajamas in this style online and in some stores. You can do the same painting process if you want to, but it is not recommended if you want to wear the pajamas again.
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    Wear a dress. For a Princess-and-the-Frog, girly look, try wearing a dress instead. Get a green dress or make a green ballet tutu to get that Bayou Princess look at home with no sewing involved. Don't forget some princess accessories, like a crown!

Part 4
Face Paint

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    Paint the green base. Get some green face paint and apply it all over the face using a makeup sponge. You'll want to be sure to keep hair out of the way!
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    Add the white chin. Next take some white face paint and sponge it onto the lips, chin and neck. Try to create a soft fade to the green on either side.
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    Paint on the eyes. Then, in black eyeliner draw a circle which completely circles the eye socket (up to the eyebrow and going down onto the cheek). Fill in the circle with red or orange paint and then use the eyeliner again to make the pupil. The person's eye should be close while this paint is applied, so that when the eye is close it looks like a frog is looking at you!


  • Experiment with different colors to get different kinds of frogs!


  • Be careful with scissors and glue. These can hurt you if you're not careful!

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