How to Make a Friendship Bracelet

Two Methods:Making a Traditional Friendship BraceletMaking Other Types of Friendship Bracelets

Friendship bracelets are typically made of thread and are given to a friend as a token of friendship. However, you can easily make friendship bracelets to add to your own collection of accessories, or sell them to make a profit. If you want to know how to make a friendship bracelet, just follow these steps.

Method 1
Making a Traditional Friendship Bracelet

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    Choose several strands of embroidery thread in a variety of colors. Choose as many strands of thread as you like, as long as you're using three or more, and pick any number of colors that would look good together in a pattern. If you only use one color of thread, you won't be able to create a pattern. 4-6 strands will make a narrow bracelet, and 8-10 strands will make a thicker one. The more strands you chose, the wider the bracelet will be.
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    Measure and cut your first strand. Measure a length of thread slightly longer than the distance from your fingertip to your shoulder and then cut it. This will be long enough for the bracelet to stretch around your wrist to create a pattern. It's better to cut the string a bit too long than too short.
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    Use the cut strand to measure and cut the remaining strands. Hold the cut strand up to the remaining strands and cut them to be the same length as this strand.
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    Tie the strands in a knot and pin them to a stable surface. You can pin the bracelet to your pants, to a pillow, or to another stable cloth surface that you won't damage. You can also get creative and tie it around your toe instead, but pinning the knot to a surface is your best bet. Pinning is better than taping because the pin ensures that the bracelet will stay in its position.
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    Spread the threads out. Before you start the system of knotting that will create a pattern in the bracelet, spread out the threads so that the colors are in the order you'd like the striped patterns on the bracelet to be. To make the knotted end of your bracelet less bulky, try not to cross the threads over one another too much.
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    You can choose to start the bracelet with a simple braid before moving on to the main design (optional). Do this by grouping neighboring individual strings into groups of two or three. In this case we used groups of two which left us with 3 main threads to braid with (left, center, right).
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    Performing the braid is very simple. Take whichever thread is currently in the right position and cross it over the top of the center thread. That thread now becomes the center thread. Next, take whichever thread is currently in the left position and cross it over the top of the center thread. That thread now becomes the center thread. Repeat this pattern, in this order, until you've reached the desired length of braid.
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    Tie a knot before you begin the braid itself. Once you've reached the desired amount of braid, about an inch (2.54cm) or less, tie a knot before you begin braiding.
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    Knot the thread on the far left around the thread immediately to its right. You need to make the "half-hitch" knot to do this correctly. First, move the first thread (the green) over the front of the second (the pink), leaving a loop on the left, to create a figure "4" look. Then, pull the first thread around the second, and thread it through the loop you created and pull it up, until a knot moves up to the top of the second thread.
    • Hold the thread that you're making the knot around tightly to make sure that the knot is tight and positioned correctly.
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    Knot the thread that was on the far left around the remaining threads from left to right. Now, repeat making the "half hitch" knot with the green thread you started with around each of the remaining threads from left to right. Make two of the same knot on every thread before you move on. When you're done, the green thread you started with on the far left will move all the way to the far right.
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    Continue knotting the thread on the far left around the remaining threads from left to right. Every thread will end up on the right when you're done, and you'll start with a new color of thread every time, unless you've placed two threads of the same color together.
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    Continue knotting the thread until the bracelet is long enough for your wrist. To make sure it fits well, try it on your wrist. There should be enough extra room that you, or the person you want to give the bracelet to, can fit about 2 fingers in next to your wrist.
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    Braid the ends of the bracelet (optional). If you braided the first few strands of the bracelet, you can do the same before you finish the bracelet. Braid as many strands at the end as you braided at the beginning.
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    Add charms or beads to the end of the bracelet (optional). To give your friendship bracelet some more flair, thread some small beads or charms onto the strands and then tie them in a knot to secure them.
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    Tie the second end of the bracelet in a knot. Make sure that the knot doesn’t take up any of the length you need to wear the bracelet.
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    Trim away the additional string. If you still have a lot of string left over, you can cut it short with a pair of scissors.
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    Tie the bracelet together. Now that you've knotted both ends of the bracelet, just tie the strands of the bracelet together. If you have a friend putting on the bracelet for you, then you can also have the friend knot the bracelet after you put it on if you want it to be really tight.
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    Put the bracelet on. Rock your new friendship bracelet, or give it to a friend.

Method 2
Making Other Types of Friendship Bracelets

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    Make a twister friendship bracelet. To make this kind of friendship bracelet, you need to knot one thread around all of the others at once, and then switch to a different color thread after wrapping it around the others several times to create a pattern.
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    Make a square knotted friendship bracelet. You can make this simple knotted friendship bracelet using embroidery thread or twine.
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    Make a Chevron friendship bracelet. This pretty bracelet is made by knotting the same-colored thread from the outside to the middle of the bracelet, creating a "V" shape with every thread instead of the traditional diagonal line.


  • To help the thread move smoothly while making the bracelet – and possibly avoid breakage if you are pulling it really taut – first coat the strands with wax. To do this, you can pull them across an old candle.
  • Choose your colours carefully. You could use his/her favourite colours, or you could let each colour represent something (e.g., red = love, yellow = fun, etc.).
  • Don't make the knots too tight or too loose. If you make a knot too tight, it might break or the pattern will not be visible. A loose knot will come undone and ruin your work.
  • It's good to do a bracelet all at one time so you don't forget where you are and what to do.
  • If you are worried you will forget the order of colors, write them down.
  • For more bracelet patterns, visit
  • Have fun making it and your friend will like it too.
  • If you do a double knot for the knots, make sure to do it for every knot.
  • Doing two knots in a row of the same thread on each strand will help the bracelet lie flat.
  • If your bracelet starts to twist, iron it flat or use a paper clip to hold it straight. Move the paper clip as you work.
  • Another way to secure it while you're weaving it is to use a clipboard.
  • Once you get the basic knot worked out, you can come up with your own patterns and ideas.
  • Plan your design first.
  • Put all the different strands of thread loosely on top of each other to see if they work well together.
  • Use bright vibrant colours and try colours that complement each other e.g. yellow and purple.
  • Be creative, make a pattern from your own imagination.
  • If you make the knots backwards, the angle of the pattern will be opposite. You can use this to make a bracelet with an arrow shape or a zigzag pattern.
  • Make different bracelets to match your friend's outfits.
  • If you make a bunch, you could sell them for some extra money. Look at How to Earn Money Selling Friendship Bracelets.
  • One option is to use the same color for all strands, so that the beauty of the bracelet is in the color you have chosen and in the texture. This can be good for people who think the bracelets look girly or immature. However, working with strands of the same color can be frustrating, as they can be easy to confuse. If that happens, tie a very short length of a different color to the end of each strand to help you keep the order straight.
  • You could try to make the bracelet thicker by using materials such as string or rope.


  • Do not tie bracelets too tightly onto your wrist, make sure you still have some circulation!
  • Embroidery thread is very thin. Be careful that you do not tie knots in the wrong place. If you do, it's not the end of the world; you can always pick the knots apart with a pair of tweezers or a safety pin, but it's tedious and once in a while causes a thread to unravel or break. It is very hard to untie knots in embroidery thread.
  • Try not to get your fingers stuck in the knots or tangle the thread.
  • For method 2 you will need about 2 and 1/2 times the size you would normally use

Things You'll Need

  • Embroidery thread
  • Scissors
  • Safety pin(s),clipboard or tape
  • Beads and/or charms (optional)

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