How to Make a Friends Photo Board

This cute, memorable and "Tumblr inspired" friends photo board will look great in your room. Using a noticeboard and a bunch of favorite photos of your friends, you can put together a photo board that shares all the good times and reminds you of why you are friends with these people.


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    Find an area on a wall in your room to hang this board. Good places include somewhere you look often, such as above your desk or at the head of your bed. Make sure it's okay with parents first to put it up in your chosen spot because the wall you chosen might not be able to be drilled into.
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    Find a noticeboard. Look online at noticeboards and choose a size and colour you like. It's better to get a board which matches the colour of your room. Remember to buy drawing or push pins too.
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    Prepare the photos. On your computer, phone or device, find some photos you would like to print out. Tell your friends to send you some photos is they have some good snaps. Don't choose blurry photos. Just choose the ones you like of you and your friends.
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    Print out the photos. The photos you choose are easier to print out if you paste them onto a Microsoft word document. You'll be able to fit about 4-6 on a piece of A4 paper. Use glossy paper for better results as the photos won't curl or fade.
    • Cut the photos out once printed. You can use normal scissors or craft pinking shears with fancy patterned borders; it's up to your preference.
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    Design the pattern for fitting the photos onto the noticeboard. When your noticeboard is delivered, try to imagine your photos on it and think how many will fit. Choose the positioning for each of the photos and perhaps arrange this on a flat surface first, such as your desk, to make it easy to keep the pattern when adding them to the noticeboard.
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    Arrange the photos on the noticeboard.
    • If you would like, print out some cute quotes, emojis, etc.; or use newspaper cuttings, tickets, special notes, etc., that you and your friends like. Also add these to the noticeboard layout. Once arranged, pin in position. You can always add more, so don't fret if you're not sure whether or not it's complete yet.
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    Ask a parent to put up your photo board. Most boards have to be screwed into the wall but some only need to be hanged.
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    Hang some fairy lights around the edge for a bit more glitz. This provides a nice finishing touch and can highlight the photos in the evening.


  • Make sure it's okay with your parents to print out pictures and drill holes in the wall for hanging the photo board.
  • You can get pictures printed off your camera at some supermarkets.

Things You'll Need

  • Photos of your friends
  • Noticeboard
  • Push pins or drawing pins
  • Computer with printer
  • Glossy photo paper
  • Decorative elements
  • Other items, such as newspaper cuttings, notes, etc.
  • Scissors
  • Fairy lights (for a finishing touch, optional)

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