How to Make a Flower from a Cigarette

This neat craft will turn a regular cigarette into a simple flower.


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    Remove the tobacco from the paper by lightly twisting and pushing it out. Pull any strands or chunks out to make it easier.
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    Tap the paper on a surface or squeeze the paper like a toothpaste tube to make sure everything is out.
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    Remove the cigarette filter by pinching and rubbing the filter part. Pull it out as a whole.
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    Fan out the filter. Grab the filter with one hand. With the other hand, break into the filter by fanning out the strands into "petals". Push the "petals" downwards against the fingers on the hand that is holding it to spread it out more.
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    Create the flower stem. Take the empty cigarette and start twisting & rolling the paper in a thin line. Roll about 1/4 to 1/2 of the filter part with it.
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    Put it together. Place the filter paper back into the filter part so that the petals stick out.
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    Secure them together. Twist and roll a tiny section of where the paper is located inside the filter. This ensures that the petals will stay in.
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    Finish your flower. Flatten the petals on a surface to widen them out.


  • You can purchase empty cigarette forms at a cigarette store in boxes of 100-500 empty shells.
  • Using a "100" cigarette creates a longer stem for the flower. Regular cigarettes are pretty small and have a shorter & smaller filter.


  • Make sure your fingers are completely dry while dropping the tobacco out.
  • Depending on if the cigarette is packed or not, it may be a little tedious to get the tobacco out. Have patience and try not to tear the paper in the process.
  • If you are a teenager, you might want to be more careful or get a parent involved because if they find that cigarette pack then it might give them the wrong message.

Things You'll Need

  • One cigarette for each flower

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