How to Make a Floral Headdress

A floral headdress is ideal for weddings and for children's special occasion parties. Here are the instructions for making a floral headdress. This example uses roses, ivy and snowberries and is suitable for flower girls.


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    Cut the floral elements:
    • Leave 1 cm (1/2") of stem for the roses.
    • Remove all but 2 cm (3/4") of the stem of the ivy leaves.
    • Cut the sprigs of berries at the base of the main stem. Leave 2 - 3 cm (3/4" - 1") of the woody stem.
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    Wire the rosebuds:
    • Pierce the rosebuds with a 15 cm (6") length of rose wire. Feed it completely through the bud at the halfway point.
    • Holding the bud between the thumb and forefinger, with the wire sticking out of either side, gently bend both wires down, in line with the stem.
    • Grab one piece of wire and wrap it around the stem and the other piece of wire 4 times. Repeat with all the rosebuds.
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    Wire the ivy leaves:
    • Turn the ivy leaf over. Stitch the rose wire through the leaf by the side of the vein.
    • Gently form a loop with the wire, bending both wires along the line of the stem.
    • Twist one wire around the stem and second wire. Repeat until all the ivy leaves are wired.
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    Wire the berry sprigs:
    • Hold the berries with your thumb and forefinger.
    • Place the wire behind the soft stems of the sprig of the snowberries.
    • Gently bend the wire into a loop, bringing both ends down in line with the stem.
    • Wrap one wire around the other. Repeat until all 12 sprigs of snowberries are wired.
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    Make a wire circle:
    • Join two 20 cm (8") stub wires by twisting one end around the other.
    • Twist the wire into the tape.
    • To get the exact length of wire needed, measure the wire around the flower girl's head.
    • Then make a hoop, twisting the ends of wire around each other to secure the circle.
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    Arrange the flowers:
    • Tape the ivy to the wire circle.
    • Add the roses and the berries, making sure that they all face outwards. Position them using the ends of the wires.
    • Alternate flowers, then berries, then ivy leaves.
    • Repeat until the entire circle is covered, taping as you go.
    • Cut off any extra wire.
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    Place on your model. Place the headdress on your model, ensuring the fit and comfort.


  • Choose flowers and colours that match the theme of the wedding.


  • Ensure that no wires are sticking out that might poke into the head of the flower girl.
  • Some people are allergic to ivy; substitute a different leaf if you know this to be the case. Ask first!

Things You'll Need

  • 24 small roses
  • 10 rose buds
  • 12 sprigs of snow berries
  • 12 ivy leaves silver rose wire
  • 20 gauge stub wire
  • Floristry stem tape
  • Scissors
  • A vegetable knife
  • A water spray

Sources and Citations

  • VideoJug A video demonstration of making a floral headdress. Shared with permission.

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