How to Make a Fashion Design Notebook with Magazine Collages

Full of millions of great fashion ideas but don't know how to express them? Consider creating your own fashion design notebook to keep a record of your ideas and inspirations. This is the sort of notebook that you can keep going for years and years, especially if you get into the design industry for a career.


  1. Image titled Get an Unlined Notebook Step 1
    Get a notebook, an unlined one if possible. Decorate the cover with your favorite fashion magazines.
  2. Image titled Buy some Fashion Magazines Step 2
    Buy some fashion magazines. Alternately, raid your local charity shop for some, or ask your friend if you can have hers when she's finished.
  3. Image titled Look through Magazines Step 3
    Start looking through the magazines and see what catches your eye. Put trends together on one page or put dividers in to separate types of fashion, for example, bridal wear, casual wear.
  4. Image titled Include your own sketches Step 4
    Include your own sketches. Use a figure template and draw clothes over it or just sketch the garment. Look in clothes shops for inspiration and check out what people on the street are wearing. Also, inspiration can come from anywhere: nature, objects, books, etc. Models can act as a muse.
  5. Image titled Make Notes Step 5
    Make notes beside your pictures, for example, "this would look great on a t-shirt", etc.
  6. Image titled Get Feedback Step 6
    Get feedback on your notebook. Show it your friends and family.


  • Fill it up with all your ideas and thoughts. You can always get more notebooks and ideas!
  • Carry a notebook with you wherever you go; inspiration can strike anywhere, even on the toilet!
  • Practise different styles. Look at fashion illustration books or the internet to see different styles then work on developing your own style.
  • Draw whatever get information off of the internet and draw what comes to your mind. Look at magazines and draw them add what you want to them.

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