How to Make a Fairy House with Food

If you want to build a shelter to attract fairies to your yard, you can make a fairy house with food that you have lying around the house. Use crackers, cookies, candies, nuts, pretzels and even popcorn kernels to create a beautiful dwelling that the fairies will love.


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    Start with a box and its cover. An angular box, like a shoebox, will create a more traditional house, while a round box, like a wine box, will create a turreted castle. Set the cover aside.
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    Cut windows into the sides of the box using scissors or a utility knife. Also, cut out a front door. Invert the box onto a work surface.
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    Use a hot glue gun to cover the top of the box with glue. Attach crackers or cookies to make shingles for the roof.
    • You can make a cone-shaped roof by turning sugar ice cream cones upside down and gluing them to the cracker- or cookie-covered roof.
    • Trim squares out of the sides of your box cover. Doing this will create ramparts for the top of your turrets if you decide to build a castle. When you invert the box, glue the top of the cover to the "roof" of your house.
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    Cover the sides of the house with pieces of cookies or crackers. Use hot glue to attach the items to the box, making sure to leave the windows clear.
    • Create a "stone" house by gluing small nuts, like acorns, to the outside of the house.
    • Build a "log cabin" by gluing thick pretzel sticks horizontally to the cardboard box.
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    Add "paint" or glitter to the outside of the house. For example, you can:
    • Cover the exterior of the house with a thin layer of glue that will dry clear. Sprinkle the house in cinnamon or other colorful spices for a dash of color. Just skip the hot spices; you don't want to get those on your fingertips or in your eyes.
    • Decorate the outside of the house with glitter glue.
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    Use cookies and hard candies to accessorize the exterior of the house. Try some of these ideas:
    • Glue a heart-shaped cookie over the front door of the house.
    • Hot glue hard candies around the eaves of the house.
    • Outline the doors and windows with red hot candies that you've hot-glued to the edges. If you don't have any red hot candies, use unpopped popcorn kernels instead.
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    Add some creative landscaping.
    • Invert your faerie house onto a "yard" made of flat cardboard, and glue dried banana chips over the surface of the cardboard.
    • Create a path to the door of your house using glue and either sliced almonds or hard candies.
    • Add foundation "bushes" to the bottom edges of your house by gluing colored cookies or dried fruit pieces around the bottom.
    • Build a fence using pretzels or any shape or size. If the pretzels won't stand up, you can glue them to a strip of thin cardboard for extra support.
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    Take your faerie house outside and leave it in the most wooded or overgrown area in your yard. If you don't have a yard, put the house at the base of a tree on your property. Faeries are extremely grateful when they receive a gift made with such love, and you can expect that good things will happen.
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  • You can also make faerie houses out of found items like bark, pine cones, nuts and berries. These houses will last longer because they aren't made from edible items.
  • Your design for your faerie house is only as limited as your imagination. You can use a variety of box shapes and sizes, food decorations and colors to build a one-of-a-kind creation.


  • If you're working with small children on this project, use a cool temperature glue gun to prevent burns.
  • Remember that in time your faerie house will fall to bits because the faeries might share their delightful home with other critters. Make sure that you get rid of it or replace it when the house turns into litter or trash. The faeries will be disappointed if their home falls into disrepair.

Things You'll Need

  • Box with a cover
  • Scissors or utility knife
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Food ingredients
  • Spices or glitter
  • Additional cardboard panel for yard, if desired

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