How to Make a Fabric Miss La Sen Doll

Two Parts:Preparing the pieces of the dollPutting the doll together

Miss La Sen is a fictional character in the Sorim Story board game, “ Hi La Sen- Hi Nice Life” song and the “Story at Sorim town” comic book. She appeared in 2010. Miss La Sen is a nurse in Sorim town, she's a vegetarian, she practices zen, yoga and recites Buddha's name. She often helps everyone, as she has immense compassion. Now you can make her, creating a simple fabric Miss La Sen.

Part 1
Preparing the pieces of the doll

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    Use a small round wooden cut-out for Miss La Sen's face. Perhaps a wooden button would work as well too.
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    Use a piece of lace for her dress.
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    Cut two fabric strings for her ears.
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    Cut a fabric string for her legs.
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    Cut a felt bow and a felt flower.
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    Cut a ribbon to make a tie for around her neck.

Part 2
Putting the doll together

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    Fold the piece of lace into many folds for her dress.
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    Draw Miss La Sen ‘s face on the wooden piece or button. Use two differently colored pens to ensure variety.
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    Fold the fabric string into two parts for two legs. Use a glue gun to glue this onto the piece of lace.
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    Glue her face onto the lace skirt.
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    Glue the two ears onto her face.
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    Glue the blue bow onto her face and her pink flower onto her right ear.
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    Tie the ribbon around her neck.
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    Done. If wished, you can glue the doll onto a pen holder or any other such object.

Things You'll Need

  • Small wooden disc, circle or button for the face
  • Lace for the dress
  • Fabric string (rope-like, braided but soft)
  • Felt bow
  • Ribbon
  • Markers in two colors
  • Glue gun and glue sticks (or craft glue)

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