How to Make a Double Eyelid

Three Methods:Using Eyelid TapeUsing Eyelid GlueApplying Makeup to a "Double Eyelid"

Close to 50% of Asians do not have a natural eyelid crease. A common practice for this percentage is to use cosmetics to create a "double eyelid." You can use tape or glue to achieve this look, and then apply makeup to create a natural looking crease. Surgery is an option for those wanting a permanent fix. But if you want a preview, using tape or glue does not take long to master.

Method 1
Using Eyelid Tape

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    Buy some eyelid tape. There are a few different types of eyelid tape on the market. You can buy it in rolls, which you will have to cut yourself, or you can buy it in pre-cut strips.[1]
    • Eyelid tape is a specialty product and may be difficult to find in some stores, depending on where you live. However, you can always buy it online.
    • An alternative to buying specialty eyelid tape is to buy athletic tape and cut it yourself. To cut your own eyelid tape, cut strips of athletic tape into small rectangles and round the corners off. You should now have small ovals of tape. Cut the ovals in half and round off any sharp edges.[2]
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    Wash your eye area. Before applying the tape, make sure your eyelids are clean. You can apply make-up after you tape your eyelids. [3]
    • Some brands of eyelid tape may hold up better if you apply a small amount of eye-shadow first. Experiment with different brands and find what works for you.[4]
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    Find your natural crease. Look in the mirror and find where your eyelid naturally creases. Most brands of eyelid tape will come with an applicator that you can use to help you find your eyelid crease.[5]
    • Gently place the back end of the applicator on your eyelid and blink to find where your eyelid creases. This is where you will apply the tape.[6]
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    Attach tape to the applicator. If you are using pre-cut strips, remove the tape from its backing using the applicator. Peel off one end of the tape backing and place the applicator to a corner of the tape. Pull off the rest of the tape backing until the eyelid tape is completely on the applicator. [7]
    • You should be able to bend the eyelid tape in an arch by squeezing the applicator together.[8]
    • Depending on what brand of tape you use, you may be dealing with pre-cut strips, or tape you cut yourself. In any case, you should have a pair of applicators to apply the tape to your eyelid.[9]
    • If you do not have an eyelid tape applicator, you can apply it with your fingers, but it may be a little more difficult.[10]
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    Apply the tape to your eyelid. Close your eye and gently place the tape on your eyelid where you want to see your crease. Blink a few times to make sure the tape is secure. [11]
    • You shouldn't be able to see the tape, and your eyelid should now have a "double" crease.
    • Repeat with the other eye.

Method 2
Using Eyelid Glue

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    Buy eyelid glue. Much like eyelid tape, eyelid glue may be difficult to find in some stores, but should be easy to find online. Unlike eyelid tape, you can't really make your own.
    • There are several brands of eyelid glue, most of which come from Japan. Find the one that works for you.[12]
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    Make sure your eyelids are clean. Wash your face and clean your eye area. Wait for your eyes to dry completely before applying the glue.[13]
    • Once the glue dries you can apply make-up.
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    Find your eyelid crease. Your eyelid glue should come with a "pusher" to help you find your eyelid crease. If you don't have such a tool, you can use the glue brush instead.[14]
    • Close your eye and run the "pusher" along your eyelid to find the desired crease line. This is where you will apply the glue.[15]
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    Apply a small amount of glue to the brush. Wipe away any excess glue from the brush. Try to use just enough glue to secure your eyelid. If you have too much glue on the brush, you run the risk of getting glue in your eye.[16]
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    Brush the glue on your eyelid. Close your eye and carefully run the brush along the desired crease line. Use the "pusher" to fold the eyelid up and onto the glue. Open your eye to make the glue stick. [17]
    • Using glue looks more natural, but may wear off quickly. Reapply as necessary.[18]

Method 3
Applying Makeup to a "Double Eyelid"

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    Start with a highlighter. Apply a light, natural color to your brow bone. Add a medium shade to your eyelids above the tape or crease line. The trick is to blend the colors together. Try to fade the medium shade into the lighter one by applying it a little to the outside and moving 2/3 of the way into the eyelid. [19]
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    Use a darker color to add a contour to your eyelid. Using a small brush, add the darker color right beneath your brow bone. Add more color on the outside and fade in towards the center to blend the colors.[20]
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    Use a liquid liner to obscure the tape. Draw a line using a black matte liquid liner directly under your eyelid tape. Cover the bottom edge of the tape and make sure you cover the tape on the inner eyelid, closest to your nose.[21]
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    Apply eyeshadow above and under your eye. When applying eyeshadow to your eyelid, blend from the center curving up and out. Make a wing shape that extends towards your brow line.[22]
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    Blend. To create a natural looking double eyelid, be sure to blend your colors. Pick similar colors for both your crease and your eyelid. Keep lighter colors on the inner eyelid and darker colors near the crease.[23]


  • Both eyelid glue and eyelid tape can be removed with water.
  • There are surgeries to create double eyelids that don't scar, and don't require incisions.[24]

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