How to Make a Dirt Curb

Even on the best dirt tracks, you need to make turns to get to another area of the track. But any conscious being would try to keep and even gain speed in a turn. Curves are a good way to gain momentum in any good dirt track. But the way that the curve is built can make a huge difference between gaining speed and having to pedal faster than expected.


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    Before having to do any shoveling, find a nice area where there is lots of dirt. Make sure that you have permission to make that track so it will not be destroyed by some people who don't know any better. If you have to do it somewhere where it is illegal, make sure that nobody else knows it is here, only you and the people you trust.
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    Once you have seen in your head the area where you need to turn, start piling the dirt. If there are jumps, or any obstacles in the way, either build the curve farther away because if you screw up, you won't make a sudden jump into the back of the curb or, destroy a jump or obstacle(a good way to get some close dirt). Make sure not to dig too close to the curb(or by the track by any matter), because you might have to shovel harder to fill the hole you made. The ideal amount of dirt that you will need is about one and a half the size of the curb desired. That extra dirt is needed due to the loss of height from the compaction.
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    Calculate the curb height. How to know the height of the curb is a bit more thoughtful than expected. Due to the law of gravity and physics, the sharper the turn, the higher you need to make the path for your bike. Usually, a 90 degree turn needs about 1.5 meter of height at the middle with a width of of 5 feet. So, the less angle you need to turn, the more height will be needed and vice versa. Another factor is the width of the curb. You can turn 90 degrees on 10 feet and have a 1.5 meters of height, but that height won't be compatible for a 25 feet wide turn.
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    Compact the dirt on an angle(preferably with your foot) that is appropriate for the pitch of the curb. Soak the dirt with water, but not too much because it will turn to mud. Usually, you should make the angle of the interior round. The farther the inside of the curb sticks outwards, the more time it takes to make the top straighter.
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    Wait to try it out. Try resisting the temptation of trying your marvel just after it is done because it needs a good rain to compact itself. Then, run over it a million times because it will be ready for it's beating.


  • If you have plywood, or any pieces of wood, you could use it to make the backbone of the curb. But it always makes you feel better when you make it out of complete dirt.
  • It is better to actually make the curb when the ground is humid, but not mud-like because the dirt will compact better than when dry.
  • To make the curb with the most efficiency possible, it should be lower than the level of the ground about 10 feet before the start. You don't need to dig 25 feet to get speed, but 2-3 feet over 10 feet is ideal.
  • A good way to make a durable top crust that will resist the abuse of a bike is dark soil, which is about 1 foot thick in a green covered area.


  • Remember that you do not float when biking, so make sure that the beginning of the curb is starting to make the angle so you won't make the big stop and break something.
  • Wearing at least a helmet will make biking funner when you fly head first into the dirt.
  • For the guys, a cup could come in handy in certain situations of handlebar meeting your "hum hum" or with the frame, you never know where they may meet.
  • The curb's top angle must not go over 90 degrees to prevent you from making the side drop into injury.

Things You'll Need

  • Area of work
  • Shovel (Spade for digging, flathead for compacting)
  • Wheelbarrow (a sturdy one too)
  • Lots of time
  • Preferably friends to help
  • Rolling compactor (optional)
  • Water
  • Many, many friends (optional)

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