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Two Methods:Assembling a Basic Diaper StrollerAdding Extra Touches

Baby showers can be a fun way to give gifts to the expecting parents before the baby comes. A creative gift that parents-to-be are sure to love is a diaper stroller. This 'stroller' is made entirely from new diapers that your loved ones can use once the baby arrives. The stroller can also be filled with other gifts and decorated to give the gift a personal touch.

Method 1
Assembling a Basic Diaper Stroller

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    Use size 1 diapers to form the stroller. There are many different ways of assembling a diaper stroller, some more complicated than others, so the list of materials varies depending on the desired finished product. However, since most newborn babies wear size 1, that is the best diaper size to use.
    • If multiple babies are expected, the person can make a different looking diaper stroller for each one.
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    Form the wheels of the stroller. To form the wheels, six to eight diapers can be curled around each other and held in place with a rubber band or tape. They do not have to make a perfectly round wheel, but should be firm enough to support the weight of the rest of the diaper stroller without looking flat.
    • Remember that a stroller has four wheels, so you will need approximately 24 to 32 diapers to form the wheels.
    • To make the diaper stroller as festive as possible, you could also think of using ribbons to hold the wheels together, or even just some colorful tape.
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    Consider making axles for the wheels. You can use paper towel tubes to form axles for the wheels. Once you have formed the wheels, bend the center diaper slightly so that a small hole is formed. Insert the paper towel roll into the hole so that it is in the center of the wheel. You should only need two rolls, as you will be putting one roll through two of the wheels, so as to hold the wheels together.
    • Consider placing a small gift inside the center of the roll.
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    Connect the wheels with the paper towel roll axles. Once you have put a paper towel roll through the center of one of the wheels, put the same roll through the center of another one of the wheels. Connect two different wheels with the same roll, and then connect the other two wheels with a different roll. This should form two sets of connected wheels.
    • While you do not have to do this, connecting the wheels can help to make your stroller sturdy.
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    Build the carriage of the stroller. The main part of the stroller is usually made with roughly 30 to 40 diapers, though the number you use is up to you. Stack the diapers in rows of five or so and connect them with tape or rubber bands to form the flat carriage, or main part, of the stroller.
    • Consider putting a receiving blanket over the diapers that make up the body of the stroller. This is not necessary, but may be a nice extra gift.

Method 2
Adding Extra Touches

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    Make a pillow for the stroller. You can also use a smaller bundle of diapers covered in a second receiving blanket to form a pillow inside the diaper stroller. This will most likely take six to eight diapers connected with tape so that they form the shape of a rectangle pillow.
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    Create the hood for the stroller. The hood of the stroller can be made of several diapers that are stacked and bent slightly to form the curve of the hood.
    • It can also be made from another blanket that is folded over the end of the stroller and propped up with the diapers that form the pillow.
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    Add decorative finishing touches. Once the diapers have taken on the basic form of a stroller, finishing touches can be added. Put your own personal touches on it. Add accessories like ribbons, balloons, or even baby shower decorations like tiny plastic baby bottles.
    • Consider stenciling or stamping the baby’s name onto a piece of paper and attacking it to the front or back of the stroller like a license plate.
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    Fill the stroller with gifts. If you plan to give more gifts, consider putting the gifts in the center of the baby carriage. You could wrap the gifts, or simply fill the stroller. Cute gifts include:
    • Stuffed animals, dolls, blankets, washcloths, or baby clothing.


  • Remember that this is a gift; feel free to add your own personal touches and changes to the diaper stroller to make it meaningful and heartfelt.
  • Since the diaper stroller is meant to be taken apart and used by the expectant mother, an added touch to the gift is to include one or more pictures of the finished product. That way the expectant mother can add it to a scrapbook or pregnancy journal.

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