How to Make a Cutlery Drainer Using a Terracotta Pot

If you wish to avoid using plastic or you don't want to go to the expense of buying a cutlery drainer from a fancy kitchen store, there is a simple solution at hand. By using a clean terracotta pot, you can transform this into a simple drainer that looks rustic and neat.


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    Purchase a new terracotta pot and saucer. Ensure that it is large enough to suit your needs in terms of cutlery.
    • If using a used pot, ensure that it is well cleaned and all dirt has been taken off it. Avoid using a used one that looks ragged or is chipped.
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    Remove all price and manufacturing stickers from the pot and saucer. Give it a wash.
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    Sit the pot and saucer on your kitchen sink. When you wash cutlery by hand, lean the pieces upright inside the pot. The water will drain into the saucer, which you can empty by hand afterwards. The cutlery has plenty of room to drain and even air dry if you don't feel like drying up straight away.
    • If you can't place the pot on the sink, place it on a non-porous saucer, so as not to spoil the surface it is sitting on. However, you'll need to empty the water from it after each drying session, to avoid spills.


  • This is an eco-friendly, simple-living solution. You avoid using plastics, which can leach plasticisers on contact with heat and you are using a time-old tradition of terracotta which is not harmful to human health. As an added bonus, this looks neat, rustic and warming.

Things You'll Need

  • Terracotta pot and saucer of a size suitable for your cutlery needs
  • Washing liquid to remove any stickers/price tags

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