How to Make a Cupcake Invitation

Four Parts:Making the cupcake templateCutting the invitation piecesAssembling the cupcake invitationFinishing the invitation

Cupcakes are a perennial party favorite. And there's no better way to promise a party filled with treats than by sending out invitations in the shape of the delicious cupcake!

Part 1
Making the cupcake template

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    Draw the basic shapes on thin card. The size of the template should be large enough for the invitation; sizes are suggested below. The shapes you'll need are as follows:
    • Draw a trapezoid shape for the cupcake base. A suggested measurement is: 10cm/4 inches across the top, 6.5cm/2.8 inches at the base.
    • Draw a large semi circle for the frosting top. This should be slightly wider each side than the trapezoid base. A suggested measurement is: 11cm/4.3 inches at its widest and up to5cm/2.5" height. At the base of the circle, draw a wavy line with two inward waves, to form the "drips" that frosting develops.
    • Draw a small circle. This will the cherry for the top of the cake.
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    Cut out each of the shapes you've made. Put them together to form a cupcake to check that the dimensions and shape are accurate. The trapezoid goes at the base, the smallest side on the bottom, the frosting semi-circle sits over the top of the trapezoid and the cherry sits right in the middle of the top of the frosting piece. When you're happy with how it looks, it's now ready to use for the template.
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    Make the cupcake holder. Draw another trapezoid. It will need to be slightly wider than the one drawn for the cupcake base because the invitation will slide into this one. Add about 1.2cm or 1/2 inch each side of the trapezoid to make it wide enough. Cut out the shape. Cut it out again and make a mock-up from simple card or scrap card; glue the edges together (or use double-sided tape). Test that the cupcake base slides inside it with ease; if not, make adjustments before proceeding.

Part 2
Cutting the invitation pieces

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    Select the cupcake colors. The color theme is entirely up to you, although it's a good idea to focus on colors that the party girl or boy loves. For example, a pink cupcake invitation could consist of a hot pink frosting layer, a pastel pink cupcake base and a metallic pink cupcake case. Use strong but lightweight card for all parts of the cupcake; for the cupcake case use craft corrugated card instead, to have the look of a cupcake case.
    • If you cannot match the colors exactly, you can paint colored dots, stripes or other designs on plain card, so that it carries the color theme through.
    • The cherry is best in red.
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    Cut out the pieces from the relevant colors of card or cardboard. For each invitation needed, cut out card as follows:
    • 1 cupcake base
    • 1 cupcake frosting
    • 1 cupcake cherry
    • 2 cupcake case pieces.

Part 3
Assembling the cupcake invitation

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    Decide whether to use a glue stick or double-sided tape. Either works but just be a little more careful with the glue, that it doesn't glob anywhere; wipe off any excess that oozes out. The remaining steps in this section assume you've chosen one or other attaching methods.
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    Attach the frosting section to the cupcake card. The frosting line should sit quite high up, so that you can see a lot of the cupcake base, and so that it doesn't interfere with slipping the invitation into the cupcake case.
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    Attach the cherry to the middle top portion of the frosting.
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    Attach the two cupcake case pieces together. Be sure to only use a small amount of glue or double-sided tape right at the edges, to allow for slipping the invitation inside the cupcake case. Do not glue or tape closed the top part of the cupcake case; this is needed to allow the invitation to slip in.
    • The tape may need to be cut in half to prevent it covering too much area if you're using tape.

Part 4
Finishing the invitation

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    Decorate the cupcake case. This is not essential but if you want to add extra features, then feel free to do so.
    • You could paint a design onto the cupcake cases.
    • You could run a line of lace or ribbon across the top of the cupcake case (simply glue or tape in place)
    • You could add costume gems to the case, etc.
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    Add glitter to the frosting section for "sprinkles". Again, this is an optional embellishment and may look overdone in some cases, so perhaps do a test run on one invitation first to see if it's worth it. If you like the look, add glitter as needed.
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    Write "You are invited to a party" on the front of the cupcake. This is the cherry side of the cupcake.
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    Write the party details. On the back of the invitation, write the date, time, place and occasion. Write "to and from" as well.
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    Slip the finished invitation inside the cupcake. It can now be slipped inside a large square envelope or simply given to the intended guests as it is.


  • For a tactile experience, add a felt cherry to the top of the cake rather than a card one.
  • Red buttons could be used for the cherry.
  • Designs you might like to paint or stamp onto the cupcake case include hearts, stars, polka dots, animals, seasonal greetings, etc.

Things You'll Need

  • Ruler
  • Marker/pencil
  • Template card
  • Card or cardboard for the cupcake base, frosting and cherry
  • Corrugated craft card for the cupcake case
  • Glue stick or double-sided tape
  • Decorative elements, such as glitter, lace, paint, etc.
  • Large square envelopes (optional)

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