How to Make a Classic Wolverine Costume

He's up there with Batman, Superman and Spiderman as one of the most popular superheroes in comics, and with the new movie out, everyone's got Wolverine fever! Here is one way to make a Wolverine costume.


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    For the mask, obtain a half-mask and paint it yellow. Cut the eye shapes out of card, get someone to hold them on your eyes and draw eye-holes. Cut them out, paint them black, and stick them onto the mask. To create the cowl mask look, you could paint your neck yellow.
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    For the top half, buy a yellow t-shirt or Wolverine t-shirt. If you have the yellow t-shirt, paint the sleeves blue or even use card to build up shoulder pads. Then paint a black upside down triangle (tiger stripe) down from your collar on both sides and three black tiger stripes going inwards from your side, one each side. If you have bought the Wolverine t-shirt, you just have to paint the sleeves blue or build up shoulder pads.
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    For the belt, get some red fabric and cut it into a strip fitted to your waist size, with a few centimetres each side so you can glue it together. Cut out a cardboard circle and paint an X on it, this will be the belt buckle.
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    For the bottom half, get yellow tights and over them, put on blue underpants/speedos. Get blue tights and cut them at the shin - these will be the boots.
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    For the claws, get long blue washing up gloves. Get six plastic scythes and cut out the bottom. Cut six small wedges out of card, paint them silver and glue them to the gloves with strong glue where the claws will start. Glue the scythe pieces to the wedges.


  • Remember that some items that you can get to look like Wolverine may be expensive. So don't expect to simply buy it if it Costs that much.
  • Remember that you can buy these simple Tools at your local store.
  • Be sure to know what you are gonna buy in order to get what you really Want to get.
  • Be specific about each item that you will be able to get from the Marketplace. This means you can get anything you want.


  • Do not poke people with your Wolverine claws and avoid being seen by the Police if you have the Claws as Weapons. Police may track you down and find you in time and also will Arrest you and take you to Jail. It's also very serious and is not a Joke that you should do.
  • Be careful not to be mean to children and avoid stabbing them with your Claws as they could tell on You.
  • Avoid attempting any Dangerous stunts or "Tricks" such as slashing or hitting people with your toy claws as weapons. Because some people won't like this and might take it Seriously.
  • If you want to make this Costume, Then you might need further help through building It.
  • Be careful when using Wolverine's claws for your Costume. As It could lead to serious injury or Death.

Things You'll Need

  • Half-mask
  • Yellow paint
  • Card/Cardboard
  • Blue Paint - Fabric and Acrylic.Poster
  • Black Paint - Fabric and Acrylic/Poster
  • Yellow shirt
  • Red fabric
  • Strong fabric glue
  • Yellow tights
  • Blue tights
  • Blue underpants/speedos
  • Blue washing up gloves
  • Six plastic scythes
  • Silver paint

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