How to Make a Chocolate Zombie Bunny

If you're a zombie fan, consider adding a homemade chocolate zombie bunny to your Easter celebrations. It's not that hard to soup up an ordinary chocolate bunny, provided you've got a bunny mold to work with.


  • Chocolate for melting (the quality is entirely up to you; this product is supposed to be edible, so don't skimp on taste); chocolate color is up to you––if you want to make the bunny look very sickly, look for green chocolate, otherwise normal chocolate color (white, milk or dark) will still work; finally, don't forget the good karma kudos associated with using Fair Trade or organic chocolate
  • Food coloring and melted white chocolate (if bunny isn't already white) for enhancing brains or bloody areas of the bunny
  • Candies that can imitate eyes, squashed organs, brain pieces, etc. –– use your imagination and whatever is locally available; note that red shoestring licorice lengths are likely to be very useful
  • More melted chocolate for attaching candies and other edible decorative items to the bunny


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    Assemble the supplies needed. These are listed below under "Things You'll Need". If you don't already have a chocolate bunny mold, this can be obtained from places that sell chocolate making accessories, such as craft, candy, cake and party stores, or check online.
    • The style of bunny mold doesn't really matter, as long as it is large enough to be able to make additions to. If you make flat bunnies, there will be less opportunity to make open brains but you can still make great open sides to reveal "organs".
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    Melt the chocolate according to the instructions that come with the chosen chocolate. Or, if it is without instructions, follow this potted version:
    • Break chocolate into smaller pieces if it isn't already.
    • Add to a double boiler (bain marie) - water should be in the bottom layer of the double boiler.
    • Heat the water. The steam will hit the base of the bowl holding the chocolate and the heat will melt the chocolate. Stir constantly until it is melted and smooth.
    • Don't heat any more than it takes to melt the chocolate.
    • Do not add water as the chocolate will become unusable. Take care not to accidentally introduce droplets of water to the chocolate with the stirring implement.
    • Be sure to temper the chocolate before using it in the mold.
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    Pour the melted chocolate into the bunny mold. Remove any stuck melted chocolate using a rubber spatula.
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    Allow the bunny to set. Follow any instructions provided with the mold but basically it is a case of waiting patiently, then carefully removing the chocolate from the mold for the next steps.
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    Start decorating the bunny. You can use small blobs of melted chocolate to act as "glue" when adding the decorative items to the chocolate. And there are no rules. You can zombie your rabbit however you like but the following suggestions are provided to help guide you if you're stuck for ideas.
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    Add zombie eyes. There are likely to be any number of possible zombie eye combinations but here are a few:
    • Glue on a little yellow candy or M&M style chocolate where the eyes are (or should be). Place a small blob of chocolate in the center of the circle for a pupil.
    • Make an eyeball that hangs out from the socket. Find a red twisted or straight candy length (such as a red shoestring licorice length) and glue one end to the eye socket. At the other end, add an eyeball candy. If you can't find candy that looks like an eyeball, use a small white, round candy with a chocolate blob in the center or a dab of blue or green food coloring.
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    Show some brains, literally. If you have made a zombie bunny with frontal head space, turn this into an open skull with brains oozing out. Scrape away a decent area of the forehead without breaking right through the chocolate. Use red food coloring to outline the edges of this area. Use melted white chocolate across the area (if the bunny is not already white) and use a toothpick or similar implement to try to make the little curly brain look. Once the chocolate has set, draw over with red food dye to make it appear like blood. You can also add a few gory hanging out bits by gluing on red shoestring licorice lengths.
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    Show some body parts. Use white chocolate (if the bunny is not already white) to draw revealed ribs in the ribcage area of the bunny. If the bunny is already white, swap to using a dark chocolate blob glued in place, then white chocolate lines drawn onto the blob.
    • Use a raisin painted red with food coloring to look like an open kidney or liver.
    • Use squished candies to look like oozing intestines.
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    Lop off an ear. Using white chocolate (if the bunny isn't already white), paint over the ear hole. Then use red food coloring to establish how much blood is oozing forth. Add some red shoestring licorice lengths coming out of the
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    Splash red food coloring where it seems appropriate on the body of the bunny. The only issue here is how obvious it looks; on white, green or light brown bunnies, it should be obvious. On dark bunnies, it might be difficult to see. Judge it by whatever bunny you've made.


  • If you have access to insect shaped chocolates, glue a few on around a wound on the bunny, to look like it is infested. White sprinkles can also serve as great maggots!
  • Make a few and give to your zombie-loving friends.
  • If you're feeling really lazy, buy a marshmallow bunny. The all-over white ones take to splashed about red food coloring without a squeak.
  • Apply your decorating and chocolate making skills to make zombie lambs, zombie chicks and zombie anything else chocolate too!


  • All disasters must be eaten. Leave no evidence behind.
  • The more elaborate and artistic you get, the longer this will take. Plan accordingly.

Things You'll Need

  • Bunny mold(s)
  • Double boiler/bain marie
  • Toothpick, skewer and other items for helping you to draw shapes, patterns etc. and to add the chocolate glue
  • A clean, covered workspace area (lay down parchment paper to catch drops of anything and to help with drying)

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