How to Make a Cheap Cat Teaser Toy

Don't have the money for cat toys? Do you not want to be bothered with getting up out of your chair to play with your cat? Need a way to pass the time?

This guide will tell you how to create a simple and effective cat toy out of a few objects everyone has.


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    Find a ponytail holder with decorative baubles or the like. It should be a warm colour, such as hot pink or red, because this reminds cats of living prey. A cool colour such as blue will be less exciting for the cat. If you don't have any at home and can't buy one, look around next time you're in a public place. Ponytail holders drop everywhere. If you own ponytail holders, but do not own any with baubles, simply attach a big, warm-coloured decoration to it. A scrunchie will work fine for this too.
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    Tie a long, fancy, but durable ribbon to it. Again, this should be a warm colour. Something with a design such as stripes or polka dots will make it more exciting for the cat. Tug on the ribbon very hard to see if it will be able to withstand a cat yanking at it.
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    Attach this to a long stick. A stick with a hole through it will work better, as you can thread it through, creating a more durable toy.
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    Simply shake it in front of the cat to play. For a cat, this is hours of fun. If you are busy and your cat wants to play, attach it to the wall and put a low-blowing fan behind it.


  • Wire is stronger than ribbon, but it could potentially harm your cat if the cat accidentally poked itself in the mouth with the tip of the wire. Do not use wire in place of ribbon.
  • Make sure the STICK is durable. If it would crack from having a light force pulling on it, it's not suitable for this.
  • Make sure the baubles or decorations are very strong and durable. If they would crack under a cat's teeth, don't put them on the toy.


  • Even though this is a strong cat toy, things wear out over time, especially toys that are meant to be bit and scratched. If it starts to crack or break, don't use it, because your cat may swallow it by accident.
  • Make sure the ribbon is at least a few inches long, or your cat will accidentally bite and scratch your fingers when you use it.

Things You'll Need

  • Ponytail holder (baubles optional, but recommended)
  • Decorations if ponytail holder with baubles can't be found
  • Ribbon
  • Durable stick

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