How to Make a CD Mix

Do you want to make the best CD mix ever but cannot figure out how? If this is you then read ahead.


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    First of all, it helps to have a variety of CDs to choose from. Pick some that you already own and love or borrow some great ones from a friend. Your local library will allow you to check out CDs as well, and you can download songs or albums online.
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    Next, go through all of the CDs that you have compiled and write down about 18-20 songs that you would like for the cd that you plan on making. Depending on the size of your recordable CD, you can only hold a certain amount of songs or so many minutes worth of recording time. Usually, the package that the recordable CDs come in will tell you this information.
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    After you have chosen your favorite songs, take the CDs that contain them and, one by one, insert each CD into the computer's drive and save the songs you want onto a program like Window Media Player or iTunes.
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    You then want to create a playlist of your songs so it will be easier to select them when you burn the cd. Pay attention to the order you put the songs in, and try to sort them into a balanced order. Scatter fast and slow instruments throughout the mix. Also, try to mix up styles track by track. If you put too many similar songs right in a row, you might get tired of that type of music. Try to start off your CD with a fast and upbeat song, and end with a nice smooth beat.
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    Once you have put all of the songs for your CD into a playlist, insert a blank recordable CD into your computer's drive.
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    Select your playlist of songs, and find a "Burn CD" or "Record CD" option on your music program. Click that option, and your music will start recording to the CD. You may have to wait a few minutes while the songs are burning. This will depend on the speed of your computer and CD drive. Once it is done, hit the eject button and you have your CD!
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    Use a sharpie or other permanent marker to label what songs are on your new CD.


  • Make sure the order you put your songs on flows nicely.
  • This would be a really good gift for someone.
  • While your CD is burning, try to avoid doing other things on your computer as this may interfere with the burning process and cause defects to your CD.
  • Pick songs you don't think you'll get tired of, and enjoy your CD!
  • If you go to the library for CDs, search every section. EX: Say you like rap music so you don't go into the pop section- go anyway because sometimes (actually very often) they don't categorize CDs correctly.


  • Don't abuse others' CDs or devices when borrowing and be responsible with software and programs.
  • Do not re-manufacture and sell CDs unless they were made by you and/or your band - this is illegal.
  • Only use legal sites and cd sources.
  • If your parents don't like the music, beware.

Things You'll Need

  • A recordable CD
  • A CD burner
  • A computer

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