How to Make a Cat Scratching Post from a Log

Cats haven't always had the luxury of the incredible array of feline furniture and scratching posts available today. Yet human furniture has long been the target of scratch-happy kitties. If you'd like a budget-conscious, probably free and enduring scratching post, a log might just be the perfect answer to your needs.


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    Find a suitable log. The log should be dry, free of insect infestations (you don't want to bring trouble into the house) and if it includes different textures, such as rough bark and smooth wood, so much the better. Dust off any dust, dirt, particles etc. so that it is clean to keep inside. Try to keep as much bark intact as possible, as a cat's instincts are to sharpen its claws on bark.
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    Check the best position for the log. Test it to see if it stands upright without toppling, or whether it is better lain on its side. Either way, the cats will love it. You could also consider attaching it to a wooden base if you are handy but there is no need to go to a lot of trouble.
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    Put it out of the way. It can be painful to trip over a log or stub a toe on it, so keep it out of walking thoroughfares and anywhere else that people might trip. If there are babies and toddlers in the house, make sure that the log cannot fall on them or pinch their fingers.
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    Show your cat. Your cat may feign indifference at first but persevere. Rub catnip over it if you cat enjoys the odor. Your cat will soon grow used to it and seek it out for scratching up.


  • The size of the "log" depends on what you can find. In the picture above, the cat is using a fairly small branch rather than a log and is still happy to scratch. Use what you can find, what fits into your home best and what kitty seems to like.


  • Check for borers and other pest insects before bringing the log inside.

Things You'll Need

  • Clean, solid and insect-free log, of a size suitable for both cat and house
  • Cleaning cloth or duster to help clean log

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