How to Make a Cat Feather Toy

Two Methods:Feathers on the end of a stick toyFeather and catnip toy sack

Feathers are ideal materials to turn into a cat's toy. They're light, they float and they come from birds, something that ought to interest any feline. Making your own cat feather toy from scratch is very simple and will be a much-loved cat toy for your kitty.

Method 1
Feathers on the end of a stick toy

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    Choose feathers for attaching to the stick. Have at least five feathers and up to around 20, depending on how many you can get.
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    Arrange the feathers around the end of the stick. Try to place them so that they're not overlapping too much but provide lots of area where the cat can paw at them when the stick is held up. When you're happy with the arrangement, duct tape the quill end to the stick.
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    Wave the feather toy in front of your cat. Hold the stick at the non-feather end, stand or sit near your cat and wave the toy in the cat's face. Once your cat shows interest, it should try to catch the feathers and play with them.
    • You may need to restick in feathers if the cat pulls any of them out.

Method 2
Feather and catnip toy sack

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    Cut out a large square from the polar fleece fabric.
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    Make a simple funnel from the piece of paper. This will be used to siphon the catnip into the sack.
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    Hold the sack up from each corner with one hand.
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    Insert the paper funnel into the baby sock with the other hand. Let it balance unaided.
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    Fill a teaspoon with dried catnip. Tip this into the paper funnel, so that it lands inside the sack. Continue doing this until the sack has been filled.
    • Pack firmly but leave room for the feathers.
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    Stick the stem ends of the feathers inside the sack. They should rest on the bottom of the sack and be held tightly inside by the catnip.
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    Close the sack permanently. Pull the corners together in the middle to bring all the sides up and around the contents of the sack. Tie together tightly with a piece of yarn, winding the yarn around the closure several times.
    • There should be a decent amount of the feathers sticking out of the top. Adjust before tightening the tie to ensure this.
    • If you wish to dangle the toy, leave plenty of yarn length hanging from it for holding from. Knot every so often, as this helps to stop tangling.
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    Stitch the closure tightly, if wished. Stitch around the closure using a blind stitch. Although optional, this is a good way to prevent leakage of the catnip and removal of the feathers.
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    Done. The feather and catnip toy sack is now ready for play.


  • Feathers can be purchased from a craft store. These ones will be sterile and clean. They might already be colored or dyed.
  • Feathers can be found by walking around parks, your own yard, the woods, etc. and checking the ground for feathers. These may not be clean though, as they may have soil or debris on them, they may have bird lice on them or they may simply be a little grotty from general wear and tear. Give them a wash before using and allow to dry thoroughly, so that they are properly clean.


  • Always be present when feathers are used for play. They may present a choking hazard if played with out of context of the cat's normal wild behavior of bird-catching, especially since they're not attached firmly to a body.
  • If a catnip toy is drooled on excessively, hang it out to dry thoroughly. If you don't, it may molder.

Things You'll Need

Method 1:

  • A few feathers
  • A strong stick
  • Duct tape

Method 2:

  • Polar fleece (scrap pieces can be used for this), decent size, square shaped
  • Piece of paper to make into a funnel
  • Teaspoon
  • Dried catnip (do not use fresh catnip as it will go moldy)
  • Feathers
  • Yarn/wool
  • Needle and thread

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