wikiHow to Make a Candy Buffet

Candy. Everyone loves it. A candy buffet is great for any occasion; a wedding, birthday party, family gathering, holidays, baby showers, or just a get-together with the neighbours. Give your guests, and yourself, something sweet to talk about and make a candy buffet!


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    Find a candy shop in your community. Head there, and stock up on candy everyone can enjoy. Jellybeans, Gummy Bears and Gummy Worms, Sour Keys, anything and everything! Make sure you get enough to fill your desired container. Look for After holiday sales. Purchase in bulk, online. You can store candy up to 6 months; check with the candy manufacture.
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    Choose your containers! Its great to use vases, or something glass. Your buffet will be more appealing if the guests can see the candy. Make sure you can fill your containers to the top! If it's filled half-way, the guests won't think it's half-full, but half-empty. Helpful Hint! Ask friends and family for containers and don't forget to check your local thrift stores.
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    Candy Scoops! There are all sizes out there. Colors, wood, metal, plastic, stainless steel.... Scoops-Scoops dot come has over 60 scoops, tongs, ladles to choose from.
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    Get the baggies! You need some small paper bags, plastic bags, or both. The guests should be able to take the candy around with them, and even take some home, instead of running to the buffet every 5 minutes for some more sweets!
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    Decorate the table! Your table should match your party's overall theme. Or at least your walls. Use a tablecloth, colored table, or some flowers and bows to make the table even more attractive! Phone books under tablecloths give the containers height. If you have lots of room on your candy buffet table, add some photos of the guest of honor and/or a punch bowl/fountain.
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    Put your table out in the open! If the thing's stuck in the back corner, guests won't be able to notice it as quickly.
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    Enjoy the candy too! Don't feel like you can't eat some of your own stuff.


  • Put the table in the open.
  • Don't forget the scoops
  • Enjoy the candy too!
  • Make sure you have twice as much candy as there will be guests, just in case anyone wants to take seconds, or bring some home.
  • Make sure you have enough to last the party.
  • Some fresh fruit balls for other options.
  • Add something salty to your buffet. Sweet and salty go together


  • Don't tell the kids! They'll be hunting for candy before the party starts!

Things You'll Need

  • Candies
  • Clear containers
  • Scoops, tongs or ladle
  • D├ęcor
  • A nice table
  • Chocolate fountain (optional)

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